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We all want thick full healthy hair but due to hair dye, aggressive shampoos and other cleaning and treatment products our hair suffers. When you use to much of these aggressive products the natural oil of your hair rubs off and it loses it protective layer. This results in hair loss and hair thinning. Besides that, genetics plays a huge role in hair loss. If you come from a family that suffers from hair loss it’s likely you will suffer from it too.

Hair loss treatment

There are many products on the market for hair loss and maybe you have tried a couple with no results at all. This is because many hair loss treatments are not scientifically proven so you will not see any results. If you are tired of finding a product that will help you grow your hair back read on. Follione hair loss treatment contains ingredients such as jak inhibitor that are save to use and contain proven anti hair loss properties. It will restore your hair by strengthening and increasing its vitality and will prevent hair loss.

hair loss

Hair growth serum for women

The hair tonic for women contains active ingredients such as copper-peptides, plant extracts and phytochemicals. It rejuvenates your scalp, strengthens thin hair and promotes hair growth. This serum is a pioneer thanks to the ingredients and approach of hair loss treatment. For best results, use the product on a daily base.

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Hair growth treatment for man

The Folixidil extra strength hair growth treatment for men reduces the symptoms of baldness. It slows down the aging of cells and supports skin and hair follicle growth. The treatment does not cause irritation and you can use it on a daily base. You can combine this treatment with the anti-hair loss shampoo to create an ideal environment for your scalp. A healthy scalp will make it easier for the serum to penetrate and regrow your hair. Everyone wants beautiful, full and healthy hair with Follione you have the ability to make this happen.

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