FlowerBerecently released our Festive Collection, with two beautiful DIY Festive Wreaths for this Christmas Season! This year FlowerBes Christmas is filled with beautiful gifts and creative detailing for your festive home. From gift card subscriptions that come wrapped and ready to place under the tree, to DIY luxury for getting creative, there is something here for everyone. 

“Our Festive Wreaths are one of our favorite products in our annual Christmas Collection,” says Lisa Roberts, Founder of FlowerBe and resident head florist at the Principality Stadium. “Our DIY wreaths are perfect for wreath parties. Our clients love getting their friends over for a pre-Christmas catch up, glass of wine and a chance to create something really special from start to finish. It’s a great way to kick off the Festive season.” 

Key Features of our Festive Wreaths;  

We offer two different wreaths, covering different styles and price-points. The DIY Luxury Wreath the most popular to date is a classic festive staple for every seasoned Christmas home maker. Ingredients include a full 40cm pine wreath base. Pinecones, Cinnamon sticks, Dried Limes, Eucalyptus, Waxed Apples, Birch cones, Reindeer Moss, Natural Hessian Ribbon, wires and fixings included with a step by step how-to guide. 

We also sell our more parred down styled Botanical wreath constructed from birch branches and offering 1/3 of the foliage usually used. Base materials constructed from natural birch and twine. Fresh decorative elements include; Seasonal Botanical Herbs, Berries, Reindeer Moss, and pinecones. Fixings and step by step how-to guides included. 

About FlowerBe; 

FlowerBe  sends seasonal flowers into your home, teaches you about them, and walks you through creating your own unique arrangement, and that’s why we don’t do arrangements. We give you the tools in a box – loose and un-arranged – with some great ideas and inspiration, but essentially, it’s your home, your style, your experience. 


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