The FlipBelt Hydration: A Must-Have Accessory for the Stylish Runner

Raise your hand if you’ve ever stashed your key in your sports bra or tied it to your shoe while out for a run. How about if you’ve gotten home from a run or hike only to discover your phone armband has left the world’s most awkward tan line (one that you’ll probably never get rid of because you keep using that band).

Screen_Shot_20160622_at_51114_PMAs if getting motivated for working out wasn’t hard enough, we now have to worry about a growing list of things to carry with us while exercising. Where in the world do you put your phone, keys, ID, emergency cash or credit card and water bottle if you’re working out? Not to mention important medical items like an inhaler or Epipen that we really shouldn’t leave behind. Fanny pack or running pack are not only ugly, they’re bulky and bounce around uncomfortably. The FlipBelt Hydration Belt – a soft exercise belt that sits comfortably and flat around the waist, makes it easy to carry everything we need while on the go, even water bottles, seems to us like a good solution to that problem.

The flat fit and great color options, from neutrals to fun neon colors like hot pink and aqua, means the FlipBelt blends in with the top of our yoga or workout pants. Since it isn’t bulky, even when carrying all our things it can also be hidden under the shirt. Either way, makes for a much more fashionable workout statement.

The stretchy fabric and “tubular” design means we can easily fit your phone (even large phones like the iPhone 6 Plus or Galaxy Note 5), cards, keys and more. The design lets us evenly space your items and keeps everything in place so we don’t feel unbalanced. Small items won’t budge or fall out – there’s even a secure internal clip. For longer activities – like long distance runs, hiking, kayaking, a day at the amusement park or even a weekend festival – the FlipBelt can carry things like a protein bar or energy gel packs.

The FlipBelt Hydration Belt comes with two 6oz and one 11oz water bottles (BPA-free of course) that are design specifically to fit into the sleek belt and contour comfortably to your waist. The water bottles are dishwasher safe and feature silicon mouth pieces, so there’s nothing to jab into your back. Freeze one the night before and use it as a cooling ice pack while you’re on the go.

The FlipBelt slips on like a pair of pants, meaning there’s no buckles or clasps to fuss with, adjust or cause irritation. The micropoly fabric is moisture wicking and machine washable.

This is the cute, functional, hassle-free workout gear, us active girls have been dreaming of. And who knows, looking good while working out may be the motivation to hit the running trail more often than we do now.

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