Five Ways Small Daily Decisions Decide Our Future In Long Run


As a part of a ritual, every day we make choices or decisions that directly or indirectly shape our lives and big decisions. These seemingly innocuous lifestyle habits define the way we think, approach and perceive a situation. Some of these could have a significant effect on our lives, especially if they are financial.

If there is one thing we can agree on is that one thing, that money is a derivation out of our small decisions at work. Decisions at workplace stem from the level of motivation, personal energy, and confidence we carry. Most of the confidence, energy and enthusiasm thrives on the kind of lifestyle we lead at home.

If you ever have a chance to observe the routine of best soldiers on the planet, you will see that they are almost religious about the very small things they do every day. In the war zone, such small habits would mean the difference between life and death.

So, what are those small daily takes we have, that define how successful our real-life movie will be?

Here’s a list of five small habits that contribute to your wealth and prosperity if continued over a long time:

  1. Procrastinating & Morning Rituals

Ever wondered, how the way you leave your bed can affect your future? Ancient Yogic texts and modern life coaches like Robin Sharma agree that the way you leave your bed every morning defines the way you are going to spend your day.

From the motivation levels to going that extra mile when you just feel like giving up. You know how big a difference it can make in your career or professional life. However, many of us tend to lay in bed, or even go back to sleep after waking up.

This repeated sleep or extra rest does more harm than good. Try leaving your bed like a bolt in the morning as soon as you wake up, observe the difference through the day.

  1. Your Sleep Pattern and Patience

“Early to rise, early to bed makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”. Well, this quote can have a powerful impact on your life. Lack of sleep has more effects than just the lazy feeling throughout the day. Regular sleep deficits may lead to anxiety and memory loss. In fact, sleeplessness also has links to clinical depression and anxiety.

Lack of enthusiasm, slower comprehension, fight or flight attitude are all outcomes of sleep deprivation. It’s not difficult to guess the impact these behaviours have on your work life and professional growth.

  1. Food Habits and Enthusiasm

One occasional chocolate bar may not affect your health or shape, but that regular chocolate bars will definitely start shaping you up. No one wants to be fat, but your decision of consuming extra food daily can lead you to become fat.

Food habits do have connections on deciding your financial future as well apart from the physical well-being. Whole grains, vegetables and nuts can enrich your abilities and strengthen your brain, while the junk food will do the opposite.

Obviously, like the occasional chocolate, effects of any other food take long-time to show and could be quite subtle. However, these subtle changes can make or break a crucial life and professional decisions.

  1. Listening and Your Relations

Listening is an undermined skill. If you recall the moments from your schooling, there would be very few teachers who emphasised listening. Mostly we just ended up hearing things. Listening is deeper than hearing. It’s not just about sitting silently while someone else talks.

Listening is about getting involved and being interested in what the other person is saying. Listening is a very important part of the relations you built, the image that you carry and how people remember you after the meeting.

Relations are another important factor in careers and business world. But end up ignoring the conversations and not listening, and you can as easily be ignored and kept out of conversations.

  1. Your Daily Financial Choices and Wealth

Wise people, who got wealthy by logging hours and months solving issues and delivering promises, know how much impact a small Rs. 250 movie ticket actually cost. Though that does not mean you shouldn’t watch movies, just take care that your spending is not eating into your wealth goals.

To ensure that you save enough money to meet your goals, you need to crunch some numbers. Also, wealth accumulation goal is something very different from other life goals. Wealth accumulation is only about a large pool of money stashed in multiple assets.

For wealth goal, it is important that your monthly investment plan is consuming most of your income. Also, your monthly investment is dependent on your monthly savings, and to achieve a wealth goal, you will need a lot of savings.

Regardless of where you stand in your career, life or wealth, it is imperative to improve in all these areas. One of them suffering a decline has the capacity to jeopardize the other two. And if someone says that wealth can’t buy you happiness, know that the expectation of happiness from wealth is wrong.

The purpose of wealth is to serve your interest and only that. Like the time, wealth is also limited, regardless of how rich you are at any point in time. Therefore, save while you can, and invest the money to generate income and grow.

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