Five Types of Basic T-Shirts You’ll Need in Your Closet


When the season changes, your wardrobe changes too. Now that it’s officially summer season, it’s time to out away the jackets, sweaters, and long sleeves and take out your summer dresses, tank tops, and T-shirts.

Before you assemble your new wardrobe, make sure that you have enough space in your closet for all the new pieces you’re planning to buy. Consider selling your old clothes online instead of simply throwing them out. This way, you don’t waste perfectly wearable clothes and earn extra cash to buy new outfits or to fund your hobbies and interests.

If you like to keep low-key in the summer but don’t want to overheat, T-shirts are the perfect casual wear for hot weather. They’re mostly made from light, breathable materials and have short sleeves, so you don’t feel stuffed while wearing one.

If you’re planning to wear T-shirts all summer long, you may as well diversify your wardrobe with these five basic tees.

Plain White Tee


The plain white tee is the most versatile and ubiquitous piece of clothing you’ll find in this world. It comes in different forms, necklines, shades, and styles. Celebrities love it; fashionistas love it.

Everyone loves a good plain white T-shirt, so much so that some people are in perpetual search of the perfect white tee. It’s absolutely understandable, considering how it’s so easy to style and wear. Wear it with distressed jeans, and you have a casual outfit. Pair it dress pants and a blazer, and you have a smart casual attire.

You can wear a white T-shirt almost anywhere as long as you style it right. Moreover, the plain white tee never gets old, so it’s always in style no matter what the trend is.

Round-Neck Tee


The round-neck T-shirt, also known as crew-neck shirt, is probably every girl’s go-to casual outfit. It’s easy to pair with other pieces of clothing, be they pants, shorts, or skirts. There are lots of round-neck T-shirts available in clothing stores, and they come in many shapes, sizes, materials, colors, and designs.

Since the neckline is close to the neck, it’s best to buy a round-neck tee made from breathable cloth to avoid feeling hot in the summer. Cotton is perfect for any weather while linen is best for hot temperatures.

V-Neck Shirt


A little collarbone goes a long way, and the v-neck T-shirt shows off the perfect amount of collarbone to flatter the figure. V-neck is a classic cut, which has only become more popular these days. Like the round-neck shirt, it’s another favorite for when you want to look casual.

V-neck shirts come in plains and patterns. Plain, neutral colors are the current trend for V-neck shirts. The subtle color palette gives the classic style a subtly elegant twist. Neutral colors also look good in almost all skin tones. These colors include beige, burgundy, camel, dove gray, navy, olive, and pale pink.

Black Tee

When you don’t know what to wear, never go wrong with black (unless it’s a color-themed event). Black is a favorite for many reasons.

One, wearing black makes you look more dressed up than you actually are. Two, it’s a slimming and flattering color. Three, black gives out a mysterious, mature, and sexy vibe. Four, the color is always in style. Five, it hides away stains.

Need more reasons? Black is a flawless color. That’s probably why there’s always one or more black T-shirts in every closet.

Graphic Tee


Plain shirts can get boring if you wear them too often. Pick out a graphic tee, and add a little spice to your wardrobe. There are many themes to choose from, like superheroes, bands, artwork, patterns, Hogwarts house, comics, and cute prints.

You can wear a graphic tee for fun or to make a statement. Graphic T-shirts are perfect for a fun and youthful outfit or a casual yet edgy style. Your vibe depends on the design you choose.

Threadheads is just the perfect online shop to go to if you want to give your friends a funny and geeky graphic tee. Browse a wide range of designs, from anime, to film and TV, to retro, to even cats. You name it, Threadheads probably has it.

Stay Cool for the Summer

Temperatures in the summer can shoot up, so stay cool by drinking plenty of water and wearing light clothes. Choose shirts that are made from breathable fabrics, like cotton, linen, chambray, rayon, georgette, and seersucker.

Forget about layering in the hot weather. A simple T-shirt with tasteful accessories can make up the perfect summer outfit. However, it won’t be enough to protect you from the sun, so remember to apply sunscreen if you’re going out, and don’t stay out for too long. Stay safe and in style this summer.

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