Five Things you should know about network certification

network+ certification

CompTIA has also turned with extensive networking examination in the form of the network+. This certification is for those people who have the experience of 9-12 months in the field of networking. It is received on the international level. The exam of the networking is created in such a manner which allows some assessment to understand the network technicians at entry level.

It contains some domains, and you should get the knowledge of every domain and after that take practice exams of domains. Don’t jump into next one until you don’t understand a domain completely. We are going to tell you about the five most important things about the Network+.

  • Reason to consider doing the network plus certification

The Network+ certification is natural from the a+ certification. It helps you in learning about computers means that the hardware and software. The network+ teaches you about the networking; it is also the next thing which helps in enhancing the knowledge before getting the advanced certifications.

  • CCNA v/s network confusion

We all know that both of these certifications related to networking. If you are beginner, then it makes you confused in both of these that which gives you more value for money. The main fact is that you are not able to compare them. They deal with the networking, and the network+ is entry certification which enhances your foundation. Network + is easy as compared to the CCNA. If you are a beginner in this industry then first you should go with the network+.

  • Best way to study

Some professionals of IT select the self-study method; it is your choice that which method suits you best and comfortable. You can also buy a book on the internet, but the main thing is that you should also try to get hands-on experience. You should also get a couple of computers and network them; due to this, you can get computer based training.

We recommend the hand on and visual training because this certification has lots of expressions for studying and you should remember that it can become boring if you don’t maintain your hands engaged as well.

  • Where can you book the exam?

The entire exam related to the CompTIA is booked with the Prometric and the view. When you completed your study, then you should go with the website or select the nearest testing center. After that, you have to pay fees and book your exams according to your choice of date. When you go to the training center, then don’t e forget to bring identity card with you.

  • How long does it take the certification to arrive?

After completing your exam at the training center, and if you passed then they will provide you the piece of paper which shows that you passed the exam. You can use this certificate with your resume; it shows that you are also network+ certified. You will get the original certificate in 3-6 weeks.

All these things are relating to the network+ certification and its exams. Good luck with your exams and your career in networking.

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