Five most popular makeup cases for the makeup artists

makeup cases

A professional makeup artist without a makeup case is like a carpenter without a hammer. Thanks to the excellent quality, makeup cases are also popular among everybody. And there are three most important reasons why makeup cases help makeup artists:

  • For starters, it helps manage their beauty products.
  • In addition, their lightweight size is portable for travel.
  • And thirdly, they prevent any damage to cosmetics.

Makeup train cases and Rolling makeup cases are extremely popular among the makeup professionals.

Your makeup needs protection

Professional artists realize how important it is to protect their makeup essentials. Since some cosmetics are vulnerable to sunlight and stress. Thus, having a case is a wise decision that artists make to keep their expensive cosmetics safe and secure. Moreover, the organization of makeup is easy if you have a makeup case.

Importance of cases for makeup artists

The savvy makeup artists know the importance of having a quality case on them. To this fact, the organization comes first. Because it not only arranges your makeup in order but helps you find the item that you do not want to miss.

Nowadays, with the availability of different color slots for keeping brushes inside the cases. It is easier not to forget what to pick when you need them. Because the makeup artists’ job involves dealing with celebrities, their responsibility is more significant than messing up with the expensive essentials. So without further delay, let’s read more about this subject.

1.   SHANY Carry-all Makeup Train Case

This case is currently in stock and thus a popular choice among professional makeup artists. In addition, based on its quality and cost, this makeup case rocks. Fortunately, the makers made sure to feature an ideal design, which artists love to have in their stock. However, what I love most about this item is that you can keep up to 25 high-quality cosmetics in it.

But the fun fact, though, even beginners can have this case. Why not? Because of its trendy and terrific design and top-quality build material.

Features & details:

  • Durability & longevity
  • Available in many colors
  • Supports more than 20 items
  • Eco-friendly
  • Brand reputation is high
  • Most positive reviews online

Items that you can keep in this case:

  • More than 20 eye, face, and lip essentials
  • A makeup train case
  • Up to 7 makeups and other accessories
  • One plastic tray to keep cosmetics

2.   Golden House SHANY Mini Makeup Rolling Case with Mirror

This makeup rolling case is for those who can not resist but love stylish design and cuteness. And you will be glad to know that this Shany’s makeup case has it both.

In addition, it is highly durable and of superior quality material. But the best thing about this item would be the organization of your everyday makeup. This product also includes two extensible trays which support most objects inside the bag. As a result, the case serves its basic purpose while also looking visually appealing.

The features & specifications:

  • A tiny cosmetics train-case
  • A mirror
  • Extendable drawers for optimal storage Stylish, attractive, and compact for ease of use
  • Travel friendly
  • Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 6 inches

3.   MONSTINA Large Capacity Makeup Case 3 Layers

The Monstina makeup case is one of the most loved makeup cases that artists can have. Thanks to its demand in the market, as it is available in most trusted electronic stores.


  • Highly durable and most reliable build material
  • Easy to carry
  • A great size of (16.5in*12in*5.5in/42cm*31cm*14cm)
  • Supports maximum items
  • Buyers’ rating is high
  • Cool & trendy

4.   Ravavel professional train makeup case

Ravavel’s product is a large-size makeup case carefully designed for professional artists. Besides, it can easily keep most makeup essentials organized. In addition, it is an ideal choice for those who don’t want to compromise on one thing, guess what? The quality!


  • Friendly to carry
  • Ideal size
  • It comes in various colors, shapes, and designs
  • Adjustable and extendable slots
  • The facility of supporting several zipper meshes
  • Attachable to other bags and backpacks
  • Travel friendly
  • Attractive and professional look

5.   Soozier Professional Makeup Case

This makeup case is a perfect choice because it allows you to have a lot of makeup on it. In addition to its size and durability, it’s the ideal choice that you can make for traveling. I am a big fan of its outer case for two important reasons. First, it has an aluminum material that looks visually attractive. Secondly, the steel bod edges, while the inside is plush felt with a matte texture. As a result, artists love it.


  • Aluminum material
  • Comfy & cozy feel
  • Six extensible pull-out drawers
  • Multicolor availability
  • Attractive enough to make you look cool
  • Extremely travel friendly


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