Five Celebrities Who Have Undergone Orthodontic Treatment Under The Spotlight

If you’re unhappy with your smile (which many of us are), there’s probably been numerous times when you’ve considered making enquiries about orthodontic treatment. Whilst some are lucky enough to be offered treatment on the NHS as a teenager, the guidelines as to who is eligible are getting tighter and tighter meaning many teens, despite being ashamed of their crooked or crowded smiles, are missing out on the opportunity to do something about it. Not all parents can afford to pay for private treatment for their kids and, as such, the number of adults undertaking treatment once they’re in a position to pay for private treatment themselves is increasing.

This, of course, still doesn’t stop many adults being conscious of how they’ll look with a mouth full of metal for a couple of years, however the end results are worth it and, for many, that’s the sole encouragement! If, however, you’re one of those considering orthodontic treatment but still need that extra bit of encouragement, we’ve put together a list, with thanks to assistance from a leading orthodontist in London of five celebrities who underwent treatment whilst they were in the spotlight!

  1. Lisa Scott Lee

Most of you currently considering treatment were probably a teenager when Steps were at the top of the charts and, as such, you’ll no doubt remember Lisa sporting ceramic braces at the height of their fame! With bright blue hair and braces, she certainly had an unmistakable style, however she’s now got a perfect set of teeth thanks to her braces!

  1. Holly Willoughby

Back in 2011, Holly Willoughby tweeted to her followers that she’d had braces fitted to her teeth, something which shocked many due to her near-perfect smile. This goes to show that even those with relatively straight smiles can benefit from braces and it later emerged that the This Morning star had been fitted with C-Fast braces for around 6 weeks.

  1. Emma Watson

In between filming Harry Potter films, Emma Watson was fitted with traditional metal fixed braces in order to see her smile perfected! Filming such a big hit as a teenager is likely to be difficult enough as it is, however Emma proudly sported braces for a period of time, leaving her with a perfect set of gnashers! In fact, we seem to remember Hermione having braces in the books at some stage!

  1. Katy Perry

Whilst Katy Perry sported fixed braces and headgear in the video for her song Last Friday Night, these were either fitted for a very short period of time or fixed to a removable appliance. It seems, however, that this encounter with braces gave her the encouragement she needed in order to straighten her not-so-perfect teeth and she’s recently said to have started Invisalign treatment!

  1. Miley Cyrus

Last but not least, a period of a few years saw the Hannah Montana star’s smile change for the better and it was revealed that she’d had lingual braces fitted to achieve her perfect smile! As is the idea, we were clueless that Miley wore braces until we saw the end results!

If you’re ashamed of your smile, it’s never too late to do something about it! Why not book a consultation with your local orthodontist today and get yourself on the way to the smile you’ve always wanted?

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