Finding Unique Bridesmaid Dresses


As a bride, you want your wedding day to be unique, special and like nobody else’s. We get it, we all get it and we all feel this way. In an attempt to achieve this individuality and uniqueness, we plan, plan and plan our way into a wedding we think that no one has thought up before. Whether this be the venue, the table decorations, a weird bridesmaid and groomsman dance, the cake, the dress etc etc, we all want our days to memorable and distinctive.

Whilst finding a one-off, like no other wedding dress can be easy (but expensive) due to the multitudes of bridal gown boutiques and hand made gowns, finding one-offs for all the other stuff can be more difficult. You have to scrounge deep in order to find a truly original wedding products but you will find them!

One particular thing that is vital to get right is the bridesmaids’ dresses. Whether these are your sisters, best friends, nieces or family friends, what you dress these girls in will stick with them forever so you have to get it right!

Bridesmaids’ dresses can be very expensive and depending on how many you have, you probably don’t want to fork out a fortune on each. As well as bearing these two factors in mind, going back to the original point, you want your girls to be in unique and original dresses that you won’t see in every Debenhams, John Lewis or BHS. So, here’s a challenge, where do you look when you find affordable and original bridesmaid dresses that your bridesmaids will love and that they will all look good in?

This is a predicament I know to bother several of my friends who are brides to be so I have done a bit of research on where to find such dresses and I have found that boutiques are the best places to source them. Boutiques tend to be very good quality, different, beautiful, fairly pricey but not extortionate and they’ll make your girls feel special.

Whilst browsing around online looking for either just online boutiques or online boutiques with physical stores also, I found a gorgeous boutique store called ‘La Vida Boutique’ which has a huge variety of unique bridesmaid dresses. Here are just a few examples of the variation of the dresses, each one very unique and very beautiful:

bridesmaid dress







How gorgeous are these?! Each one of these designs is incredibly well designed, crafted and thought out and I would be very proud to see any of my bridesmaids in these. There is a style for every sort of wedding and have no fear that they will be similar to any other bridesmaids dresses or similar to any that they may have worn before! My favorite out of these is probably the second one from the left. I think this lovely dusty pink is perfect for an understated or fairytale type of wedding and will be one I recommend to my friends!


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