Finding the Perfect Men’s Wedding Ring for Your Special Day

Like women, men also want their wedding rings to be a reflection of their style and personality. Thus guys also work hard on finding the right choice of rings. Men don’t put much stress on finding their own ring as they get too confused for the ring. And why would not that happen as there are so many options available in the market these days. In case you are the guy who us getting hitched lately and wants to shop for that perfect men’s wedding ring, go ahead and read our guide.

What to look in for that perfect ring?

First thing which is important to realise is that you need to do is find the right kind of ring for you. You must figure out which metal, style and shape would look best on your hands. It is important to find the right style that gives you an impeccable personality and sets you apart from other on the day of your wedding and even after that. There are a lot of factors that can be thought of when choosing the right wedding band for men. The Width of the band, detailing like stones etc., kind of metal and the finishing, are some factors that need to be considered.

Right Width

To find the right width for your ring you should go for trial and See basis. It means look out for various kinds of bands in different width. You can choose a ring with smaller width that is sleek and stylish or you can go with a slightly thicker one that gives your hand a manly look. Wider rings would definitely be costlier than the thinner ones as they are made of more metal. The idea is to find the right size and width based on your budget and your choice, the size and shape of your fingers also matter. If you, have larger hands a very thin ring would look a little awkward. Similarly a very thick ring would look too outlandish on a smaller or petite hand. Thus decide the best size for your ring and shop online for variety of options.

The correct choice of metal

Traditionally the metal used for all men’s accessories is platinum or white gold. Some people also prefer some out of the box options ice rose tinted gold shade and yellow gold. A metal which is cheaper than white gold or platinum is palladium. It is cheaper in cost however looks exactly like platinum and is also very sturdy. A lot of people prefer stylish rings in this metal.

Platinum is the best choice

On the practical side of things the metal choice for men’s wedding ring is very important as men hands are accustomed to do tough tasks. Their rings should be sturdy, durable and conformable. In that area Platinum stands above rest as it is very durable and hypo allergic.

Rhodium is class apart

Men’s wedding ring with rhodium plating or white gold plating is also a good choice. The white colour of the metal gives an exuberant style, look and finish to the ring. They are so many designs and variants possible with this metal. No doubt that is why it is a very widely used metal for men’s wedding ring.

Choose the right finish

Finishing and style of the Ring is also a crucial thing to look for. When opt comes to men’s wedding ring you cannot be very creative with artistic designs and stones etc. Thus people keep an eye on Finishing. You can go for a Matte Finish ring or simply a Glossy finish. You can choose whichever looks striking to you. A lot of people also go for hybrid finish with a combination of both matte and glossy. A hammered finish is also something that adds class to your ring.

Detailing Matters

Having said earlier that we cannot be very creative with the men’s rings in pursuit of design, it is a worn connotation that you cannot be very creative at all. These days a lot of men’s rings are bestowed with good designed, engraving and detailing. Men’s rings are also added with an element of class with embossing and engraving. There is a lot of personalization in which you can get the names of the spouse or an amazing quote that stands as testimony of lour togetherness against time.


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