Fill Your Wardrobe With These Fashionable Loungewear

Did you even pay much attention to your loungewear before the pandemic? Probably not. The shift in the apparel industry due to COVID-19 made Loungewear, a hit like never before. Some confuse traditional pyjamas with loungewear but there is a significant difference between the two. Versatility and appropriate look are what make loungewear the winner. While you would not want to step out in your pyjamas because no matter how cute or comfortable they are, sleepwear is way too casual. On the other hand, loungewear has become a legit outfit in its own right, from providing basic comfort at home to a trendy airport look. They are a good mix of sleepwear and athleisure, not too casual, neither too up-tight.

The most common types of known Loungewear for women are tracksuits, relaxed pants, pyjamas, hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts, baggy shorts, and onesies. But we are not here to tell you about the styles you already know. Rather widen your horizon, so that you are always comfy and ready to go.

This Season’s Favourite Loungewear Wardrobe Essentials:

1, Relaxed Drawstring Jogger Pants:

Image Source: FabAlley

You’ll probably find them under the “must-haves” on the internet this year. They are lightweight, super comfortable and the athletic look is full of fun vibes. They will be in fashion, even after the pandemic. Pair them with a pretty blouse, throw a coat, some accessories and you are ready for a semi-formal event. Also, Joggers are a perfect match for hiking and travelling.

2. Crop-Top Pyjama Set:

Image Source: FabAlley

For sliding smoothly from relaxed weekend to busy weekday. Pyjama sets are an effortless pick that is basic in nature but in a refined way. A little styling tip for a minimalist look when stepping out: pair them with a basic or baseball cap, and your favourite chunky sneakers.

3. Tank-Top:

Image Source: FabAlley

We all have a few pieces in our cupboards that we keep coming back to. It can be because of the style and fit but most importantly the fabric. Tank tops are one such piece of clothing mostly made of breathable and soft fabrics. They make hustling/moving around so much easy because of the freedom they give.

4. Short-Sleeve Kimono Top:

Image Source: FabAlley

Kimono sleeves have an aesthetic appeal to them. The short kimono sleeves are a variant of the traditional Kimono sleeves. These are breezy, comfortable and leave room for unrestricted hand movements. Short-sleeve Kimono tops can be casual as well as dressy, depending on your mood and how you choose to style them.

5. Trapeze Tiered Mini Dress:

Image Source: FabAlley

Good combination of a flattering style and easy-wear shape make trapeze style dresses suit all body types. The addition of a tiered pattern to this shape gives it a detailed yet flattering unstructured silhouette. Try these for fun, retro or girl-next-door vibes.

6. T-Shirt Dress:

Image Source: FabAlley

This dress form has our style. Simply because of the elegance. T-shirts are no doubt the best options for lounging and casual outings, but this fusion of t-shirt and dress is a match made in heaven. T-shirt dresses are put together, fitted yet loose, and the shape (sac-like) doesn’t let the fabric cling to the skin. The lengths are comfortable too. Also, most of the t-shirt dresses have ‘Pockets’!

7. Strappy Slip Dress:

Image Source: FabAlley

This dress is a throw-back trend that keeps coming to the forefront time and again. Opt for strappy slip dresses in abstract and animal patterns (especially leopard, zebra, and tiger prints) for a poised look with a twist. You can even wear this dress for a casual day out in winter by layering them.

Loungewear is an upgraded fluid version of the essentials we have overlooked for the longest time. Let these loungewear styles redefine your comfort level. Explore the range of friendly designs with appealing details, on-trend patterns, and breathable fabrics that allow ease of wear. If you are worried about the life of these clothes post-pandemic, be assured: Loungewear is here to stay!

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