The Female Guide to Packing for Las Vegas

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Las Vegas is a party playground for adults, and it’s home to a huge number of girly getaways and bachelorette parties all year round. The summer months are the most popular time of year to visit, although expect to spend most of your time escaping the 700-100 degree Fahrenheit heat in the air-conditioned casino lounges or shops. If you want to make sure that you get a tan, you can hang out at exclusive casino pools.

Since everything centers around the strip in Las Vegas and there’s a huge range of different things to see and do, it’s good to know which things you should pack for your trip to make sure that you have an outfit ready for every occasion. But, don’t forget to leave room in your case for shopping, as there are plenty of malls and fashion boutiques where you can find some gorgeous stuff. To make sure that you’re not missing anything during your visit, we’ve put together the ultimate packing list. Make sure you get a Fake ID (FAQ here) to be able to get in anywhere in Las Vegas without a problem.

Comfy Shoes

Most girls make sure that they pack at least one or two pairs of killer heels for Las Vegas because of the vibrant nightlife, but don’t forget to take a pair or two of comfortable shoes for walking in, too. Since everything in Las Vegas revolves around the main strip, you’ll be spending most of your days walking from place to place seeing all of the different attractions such as Hershey’s Chocolate World, the themed casinos such as The Venetian and New York New York, The Bellagio, and the amazing theme park rides at The Stratosphere. Doing all of this in heels will definitely start to get uncomfortable and painful, so make sure that you have a pair of sensible, comfy shoes such as sneakers or sandals to wear in the day.

Dressing Up

Most people head out to Las Vegas with partying in mind, especially if you’re taking a trip there with the girls for a bachelorette weekend or other celebration. So, when packing, make sure that you have at least one killer outfit per night to wear when dining in five star restaurants, visiting bars and clubs, or playing at the casino. Little black dresses make for a perfect and necessary item to pack for Las Vegas – they can be dressed up or down, and you can even match them with different accessories to wear the same dress twice and nobody will even notice.

Summer Wear

If you’re visiting Las Vegas in the summer months, you’ll probably spend a lot of your time relaxing and tanning at some of the exclusive casino pools. Swimwear is an essential when packing your case for a Las Vegas summer trip, so don’t forget to take enough bikinis, tankinis or one-pieces (or a mixture of the three) to last you. Since it gets so hot in Las Vegas during this season, it’s important to make sure that you have everything you need to be safe in the sun including shades, a sun-hat, and plenty of sunscreen. Pack a few sundresses which can easily be slipped on over your swimwear, or perhaps a sarong or beach dress.

Casual Clothing

Of course, you won’t be spending the whole duration of your trip partying or by the pool, so it’s a good idea to make sure that you have some casual clothing to hand as well for when you are exploring the strip. Since it is so warm in the summer months, tank tops, shorts, skirts and casual dresses are the best items to take. If there’s room in your case, you may want to take a kimono style jacket or other lightweight cover-up to protect your shoulders from the sun.

Other Essentials

When it comes to packing for Vegas, it isn’t just clothing that you need to think about. If you’re visiting from another part of the world, you may need to bring a travel adaptor so that you can charge or use any electronic devices which you’re bringing along, such as a smartphone, laptop, or even your hair appliances. Along with that, you should also make a list of the toiletries that you’re going to bring – most hotels will provide things such as soap, shampoo and hair conditioner, but you’ll need to bring along any other essentials. Since you’re going to be in the sun a lot, it’s a good idea to bring plenty of moisturizer to make sure that your skin doesn’t flake and peel.

Packing for Las Vegas can be exciting, but make sure that you don’t forget anything!

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