My favorite natural based beauty products from Omiera Labs

natural based

I receive a lot of questions from readers that ask what kind of skincare products I prefer to use. I personally prefer natural based products. During my modeling career I had the opportunity to meet a lot of stylists, photographers, fashion designers and other models. The best tip came from a makeup artist I use to work with. Her skin was always glowing although she had long working days. She told me one day she prefers Omiera Labs because of the natural ingredients so I started to look into it. The products are created by a team of pharmacists, physicians and chemists that provide scientifically tested formulas for any type of skin problem. Something I could recommend to anyone. Read this article to find out which products I use to keep my skin in the best condition.

Adroit Hair Inhibitor Cream

If you wax or use a regular Hair Removal Cream because of unwanted hair growth you might have noticed how fast hair grows back. I find myself spending way to much time making sure that my skin keeps silky and smooth without unwanted hair on my face or body. So I had to add the Hair Inhibitor Cream to my list of favorite beauty products. Although the scent is a bit strong it really works for your bikini line, underarms and face. I prefer this over a hair removal cream or razor bump cream because it prevents your hair from growing back and is natural based. Which means I have to spent less time in front of the mirror to touch up with a tweezer.

natural based

Glocione Anti-aging Moisturizer

After trying several different methods to get rid of dark spots and wrinkles I was happy to find out about a product that actually works. Thanks to a makeup artist I worked with I finally got a dark spot correcter and anti-aging moisturizer in one from Omiera Labs! I’ve been using Glutathione cream for a while now and already see that my skin is more even without blemishes. The Glutathione skin whitening cream has fast results and whitens age spots. Glutathione is an antioxidant that protects your cells from free radicals and glocione dramatically reduces wrinkles, fine lines and age spots. The anti-aging foundation primer can be used before you apply your makeup. I prefer  to apply it two times a day to keep my skin healthy and youthful.

natural based

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