My favorite clothing items

I’ve been around, I’ll admit; no, not in a way you are thinking, shame on you. I am talking fashion – pure, wonderful, fashion.

Working as a model for almost a decade, I’ve had the privilege to meet some of the greatest designers and world-renewed makeup artists in the business. I’ve been honored to wear their collections or pose as guinea pig for their new, makeup tryouts. There isn’t a moment of it that I don’t love (except for days that sometimes drag for 30 hours) and if I had to choose a career all over again, I would do nothing differently.

Being this included in the upcoming trends and fashion no-nos, and having brilliant minds of the fashion arena guide me through most of my style development, I’ve learned that statement style is a matter of personal feeling and that no trend is bigger than your inner sense of beauty. Sure, you should always try to incorporate novelty into your already existing fashion expression but do it in such a way it doesn’t compromise your fashion sense or fashion expression.

For the purpose of this article, I am singling out my favorite clothing pieces that I truly believe make all the difference:


Naturally, I am not the first or the last person to include a LBD into her favorite style pieces, but I simply have to. Wearing it, I feel powerful, strong and bigger than life. I love that there are plenty of LBD variants that can be adapted to a number of occasions. My two personal favorites are a simple, mid-calflength sleeveless black LBD (that I can dress up or down as I please) and lace LBDs, i.e. lace dresses that ooze elegance, chic and sexiness. I personally believe in the power of accessories to switch things up or down so whenever I’m feeling a certain way, I play up my jackets, blazers, overcoats, cardigans, bags, rucksacks and capes with my to addexcitement.

If I am going to a high-brow event, I like wearing maxi or peplum dresses; they always make me feel rich.


A sharp blazer

Paired with a skirt for a business look or a ripped jean for urban chic, a blazer never fails. I have a few in various colors and I wear them depending on the occasion. If I am feeling sharp, I’ll combine black leather leggings and a white simple T with a black, tailored blazer. I’ll often add a black high-heel to the combo to appear even sharper; if I’m feeling girly or cheerful, I’ll go for a blazer in a screaming color and turn the whole outfit into a color blocking session. It’s fun!


A cape/overcoat/cardigan

As far as I am concerned, any of the three can turn even the dullest of outfits into style pieces. I love how cardigan lightens up my regular jeans+shirt outfits, making them chic and interesting; I simply adore the vibe capes are bringing about, making me feel Parisian and NY  at the same time.



Fedora makes everything look expensive and well thought out. I rock fedoras for an added sense of luxury and thought behind the outfit, even when I am headed nowhere special. I can walk out of the house in a pair of jeans, heels and a semi-ironed shirt, put a fedora on and I’ll immediately take the outfit from zero to a hundred. It’s my favorite piece of accessory, definitely.

Classic trench

A trench is an investment piece; no matter your size fluctuations, the trench will serve you for years. I have a few in various colors (black, olive green, eggshell and metallic), all in a classic A-line silhouette. Regardless of a body type, A-line cinches you in at the waist and looks phenomenal worn with everything from suits to jeans.


A biker jacket

There’s nothing like a biker jacket to give your outfit a little bit of urban drama. I personally adore my bikers; they make everything look super cool.

We all have our favorite style pieces; remember – the key is to find what looks good on you and what you feel comfortable in. Explore your options and chase your personal taste – you can’t go wrong.


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