Fast Ways to Brew Perfect Cup of Coffee for a Busy Lifestyle

nespresso pixie

We are now in a fast paced world where everyone is living short of time. It’s now important to do our work smartly so as to save some time.

Coffee is a routine drink, a tonic for many and a wake up beverage for most of us. Preparing it in a traditional way that gives it pure taste takes a lot of time. In the morning, our body simply resists to do so many tasks involved in coffee making like grinding the freshly roasted beans, then tamping the grounds in the portafilter and taking a shot from your espresso machine. These all activities for sure create some mess on your platform and also involve much of time.

To aid all this, we have some suggestions about coffee machines that will save you much of time and also won’t create mess on your platform. These machines are also made to give amazing consistent taste in every brew.

The first in our list is Nespresso Pixie. Hope, hope you’ve already heard about it. Let’s get to know it better.

Nespresso Pixie

Pixie is a wonderful product by Nespresso that is available in variety of colors to suit your personality or kitchen. Moreover, it takes a very small footprint on your counter top giving more room to work. Its simpler operation to make a cup of coffee in just a minute has made this machine so much successful. Pixie uses pods or capsules as their raw material instead of ground coffee.

The procedure to make a cup of coffee with this machine is pretty simple and straightforward. Just put your favorite pod into the pod holder, put your cup under the outlet spout and press the start button. Yola, your coffee is ready. One can search for coffee pods on web or grocery stores or can read this guide about Nespresso capsules by Friedcoffee, if trying for the first time.

The machine being so simple also doesn’t costs a fortune and comes for under $150 depending from where you are buying.

Keurig K475

Another machine to consider for faster brewing is by Keurig. These coffee makers also use pre packaged K Cups as their raw material which come in variety of flavors. Although there are many machines by Keurig but we chose K475 because it’s latest and offers many great features over others and doesn’t cost a lot.

The procedure of brewing is somewhat same as Nespresso – Fill water in tank, put your favorite K cup in the holder, select the brew size and press start. Here, the brew size button comes handy which is not available with Pixie.

Instant Coffee

The last method for having a cup of coffee is buy instant coffee which simply mixes with hot water or milk producing a descent result. Instant coffee is very less used in US and UK region as people prefer to have coffee from fresh grounds. Instant coffee cannot guarantee fresh grounds but it can save a lot of time and you also don’t have to owe any kind of machine.

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