Fashionista? Start Your Own Label


You love fashion. You adore everything about it, from the stories behind why and how certain products were created, to the creativity and forward thinking that designers have in abundance, to the way fashion speaks to different people. You see fashion as art rather than a product and you mourn that there are not a lot of other like minded people out there, or that you have not yet met people who you can speak to about fashion on a personal level.

However, there may come a time when your favourite labels either stop bringing out creative pieces or, due to lack of financial profit, completely fold altogether. If this happens, you may feel extremely disappointed that you can no longer see new pieces being brought out that you would love and may try to turn to other labels who, essentially, are not as creative or as brilliant as your first fashion love. You could feel that you could do better, you could be more creative and you could design pieces which will speak to people like past pieces have spoken to you. If this is the case, you could begin to think about – and plan – creating your own fashion label.

Research how labels began and what they did to enable them to make a name for themselves. See what they did wrong, and right, and develop your own vision using advice from successful designers, entrepreneurs of any kind and it may also be beneficial to speak to experts in the industry.

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The first few aspects you may need to think about are how you are going to finance your label, what is your target audience for the label, what sort of pieces are you going to create and where you are going to design your pieces and bring them to fruition. When, eventually, your business takes off and you require a bigger space, it could possibly be a good idea to get in touch with moving companies, to ask how much they charge as you are bound to be taking a lot of things with you and it could be better for you to get it all done at once. Once you have moved to a bigger office, then you will be able to employ more people, make more profit and really push your label to the next level. Moving into a bigger space is a statement in itself, and really shows how passionate you are into making your label be the best it can be, and that it will work.

When thinking up ideas for designs, always test out these ideas in family and friends, You could also set up a small blog, initially, or even a website where you could post ideas and ask people for their opinions. Setting up social media accounts is also a viable option, as a lot of people will be able to engage with your work and they may not just be your target audience. This way, you can get a neutral opinion.


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