How to have fashion sense and wear trendy outfits like a pro

Having a good sense of fashion is not something you must definitely be born with. Well, some get born with a sense of fashion but this is something that can easily be developed. All the designers, fashion related specialists are developing their knowledge to feel the heartbeat of the fashion industry. You don’t have to be a super model to always look stunning by showing off your fashion sense and trendy outfits. All you need is to know some tricks that should be taken into account to be the center of attention due to your look.


Photo courtesy of Allyson Johnson

  1. The most catching part of every outfit is its colors. So, color matters a lot. You need to understand your body complexion, your body type and search what colors are the most suitable for you to show the best part of it and hide imperfections. The general rule is to avoid wearing different dark colors together, but you can easy combine dark and light shades of one and the same color. The same colors are also good but it also needs to be chosen carefully.
  2. To show off your trendy fashion sense opt for cool accessories. Sometimes it’s the accessories that give a vibe to you look and make your outfit distinctive. Be brave when choosing bright accessories when you are wearing clothes in softer darker colors. Accessories can be combined with the colors of your outfit and at the same time be totally different from what you ware. Don’t forget about the scarf as if chosen right they will make your look so feminine and nice. For the more casual look go for belts and more leather accessories.
  3. Shoes change everything. Have respect for this super important part of your appearance as they make the difference in every single look you create. Have you ever noticed that a pair of high heels can transfer your look from casual to super feminine and classy? That’s the thing! You can ware the same outfit several times and change the shoes and have different looks (well, here you’ll need some accessories as well). But the fact is that shoes can complete your look and give such an identity to your style that the attention is inevitable.

No matter what people think about your fashion sense until you feel that it’s good for your and you feel comfortable in what you wear. You might be wearing the best right from the runway of a fashion week, but unless you feel that it’s not yours, it doesn’t represent the fashion sense you have. So, be yourself, true yourself!


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