How fashion models get their unique look

Smile, say hello, and walk. It sounds like a simple job interview. But if you’re a fashion model, those few moments will determine whether you are walking the runway or walking away. Fashion models need to dazzle to land gigs. And while the fashion scene has started opening doors to plus-size models, short models, and models with less stereotypical looks, the top models, such as Victoria’s Secret Angels, have to do a lot of work to get their unique look.

Killer body

Fashion models may have a head start due to genetics, but to get and maintain a standout shape, you need to commit to physical training. This is not just to make the weight requirement, but so you are toned enough to look great walking the runway in haute couture. If it’s outerwear, you don’t want to look bulky, and if it’s swimwear, you don’t want to jiggle.

And speaking of weight requirements, you are going to have to eat an incredibly healthy diet. You may end up hiring personal chefs and nutritionists to achieve your eating goals. As a show approaches, you can adopt a special routine, such as Adriana Lima’s. She cuts back on solid food and water as she approaches a show.
Good posture and a regal carriage are definite must-haves for models. Walking on high heels requires balance and can take a toll on your back. Massage, chiropractic alignment, and other therapies can improve your health and wellness, make you look fantastic on the runway, and extend your career.

Hair and makeup

It’s not easy to look flawless under bright lights and the pressure of a fashion show. That’s why you need to be prepared for having makeup in every exposed crack, crevice, and crease of your body. Bronzer and foundation can create a healthy glow, and other makeup effects can create optical illusions, such as better cleavage.
Your face and eyes are part of your overall modeling persona. You need to carefully protect these assets from sun, wind, and lack of sleep. No one’s complexion is perfect, so you’ll want a good dermatologist as well as a consistent skin-care routine to always be ready for the camera.

If the word “scrunchy” doesn’t make you cringe, it should. A model’s hair has to be everything from voluminous to minimalist, depending on what the designer wants. Hair can take hours, and, while you can learn some DIY techniques to get sassy, sexy, or gothic hair, you’ll want to trust the pros on this. But take a tip from models like Ubah Hassan and come to work with healthy, clean hair.

While all these factors will shape how you present yourself, there’s still the art of getting noticed. There are many famous models, like Jourdan Dunn, Kate Moss, and Coco Rocha, who have simply been discovered out and about in the world. Some, like Iman and Anna Ewers, actively pursued modeling careers. Regardless of your path, once you get noticed, you’ll have to continually deliver on the runway.

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