Fashion lifestyle brand making waves & giving back


Recently a unique US brand came available online called “Doggo”. Doggo Designs is a fashion brand that is branded to individuals who share a laidback lifestyle.”Doggo” meaning “be still” actually came about by friendship and enjoying the good times we share together. The theme of Doggo is the “sun & fun” or “young & chill” idea that work together to create a brand, like no other. The logo, shows the dog & sun who enjoy a harmony and seem to value each others company. The owner Richmond states that their mission is to motivate and encourage one another to enjoy life.

It also seems that,”Doggo” is more than just a simple brand, its a lifestyle. Their motto is rather simple and so not complex. Doggo Designs states they like to “chill” not to mistaken with lazy. They also mention that “Hardwork is rewarded with our own family (relatives) & friends. More importantly, the time we spend and the adventures we share together is well worth the challenges or battles we face. It seems that Doggo Designs all have unique style full of its own laidback satisfaction.

The website has some of its best selling products including Backpacks, sunglasses, and mens & womens clothing. All items are reasonably priced and a portion of sales go to a local shelter. Looks as if this fashion brand is building its following who represent adventure, loyalty, & loving our fellow friend or (Doggo).
United States

R. Richmond
owner of Doggo Designs LLC

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