Are Fashion House Parodies the next big trend?

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It seems anyone can be a fashion designer these days. Just days ago, a black raincoat was all the rage. Vetememes was launched by a 22 year old from Brooklyn to parody the latest collection by Vetements. The parody of design houses looks to be the next big thing in Fashion.

The next target by another label to be launched tomorrow: Supreme. The Plain Black Tee  is taking on the streetwear giant on its own turf with their take on the eponymous bar logo.

Speaking to the founder who chooses to remain anonymous, he says that this was his way to answering the fashion giants who have not been innovating enough. “We all have seen what a bar logo can do. If they can do, so can I”.

The label looks set to start a slew of other fashion house parodies. What can we look forward to next?

The Plain Black Tee can be found on Instagram @theofficialplainblacktee

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