Fashion and Tech: Two Industries Destined to Embrace Each Other

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Fashion and tech share a lot in common. They are both industries that are constantly changing, and new fashion trends come along as quickly as the latest tech innovations. Both also have a huge cultural impact and affect our daily lives enormously.

It should be no surprise, then, that both fashion and tech converge in many ways. The two industries are embracing each other, and here are some of the main ways this is already happening.

Why Are They Becoming Intertwined?

Technology is already playing a role in fashion. Things like flame resistant shirts like those from FR shirts are using technology to make people safer, for example. But things are going to get a lot more advanced soon.

Tech is becoming smarter and smaller. As it becomes smaller and more prevalent in our everyday lives, it is inevitable that technology becomes a fashionable accessory.

Just look at cell phones. Ever since they became small enough to carry in your pocket, phones have been fashion items—not just the devices themselves but also the covers and other accessories that are used along with them. This started years ago, and it is becoming more pronounced all the time.

Smart Watches

Perhaps the most obvious way that fashion and tech are forging is through wearable technology. It was very clear to electronics manufacturers that smart watches had to be desirable if they were ever going to take off.

After all, no one wants to wear an ugly watch on their wrist just for the features it provides.

Now, as the smartwatch market becomes more advanced, watches in a variety of styles are being used as fashion items, just like normal watches, with the additional benefits of smart functionality.

And then there are all the other examples of wearable tech that we can expect to see in the near future. Not just fitness bands but also things like smart fabrics, smart shoes, and smart rings.

VR and AR

Virtual reality and augmented reality are the two buzzwords right now, and they are almost certain to change fashion in the near future.

Could we rent virtual clothes or items of jewelry that can be seen using AR glasses? Quite possibly.

And it’s likely that technology will help us match products based on our measurements in a virtual fitting room using 3D body scanners to completely change the shopping experience.

Personal Stylists

Using advanced AI, digital assistants will become smarter and might soon help to monitor your closet for you and recommend what to wear on any given day based on what you are doing and what the weather is like.

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