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“Fashion 88 is currently looking for brands to be a part of their First 500 clothing Brands on the website.”

Do you own a fashion or clothing brand and need international exposure? Fashion 88 is the leading platform for creating, curating, manufacturing, marketing and positioning Fashion Brands. They will be launching in March 2018 and collaborate with famous celebrities and ex models such as Pooja Batra, John Salley, Joyce Giraud and Liz Fuller.

Fashion 88 gives you the opportunity to put your store on their website, with brand ambassadors in the sports world, Bollywood and Hollywood you will get the international exposure to make your brand successful. They also collaborate with major media in USA, Sri Lanka and China. And have a big network of manufactures   to create new and existing brands. At Fashion88, your store may contain any number of products – whether you have one item or 1000! Customize your profile with information like profile logo, shop location, shipping and refund policies.

Virtual Fitting Room

Fashion 88 will be releasing a Virtual Reality Fitting Room so customers can try out clothing on the website. Your customers will be able to see how clothing will fit on the body with a 3-d Image of a (digital human) of their body in cyberspace. With advanced features such as show precise areas where a dress is too light or loose and the ability to see how clothing will look when the person sits, walks and runs.

Benefits of using Fashion88 Virtual Fitting Room:

  • Saves time in trying on clothing
  • Saves money on Returns
  • Saves stress of crowded malls and busy parking lots
  • Safeguards privacy of a customer when trying out clothing
  • Software will show precise areas where a dress is too light or loose
  • Ability to see how the clothing will look when the person sits, walks and runs

Do you want to be part of the first 500 clothing brands? Get international exposure for your brand.  Get your products out there in the marketplace to a massive number of potential customers around the world. Become a vendor and open your shop now for free:

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