Fancy Eco – Clothing for A Cause

The Fancy Eco™ goal is simple, we promote fun and fashion while helping to expand awareness of the perils our planet and the magnificent animals living on it face. We aim to build a fashionable brand of clothing that emphasizes the beauty of our planet and nature while directly giving back to the many wonderful organizations that have the power to help save and protect. Right now 10% of the net proceeds from every shirt sale and 20% of all jewelry and scarves purchased will go to helping endangered animals.

fancyecoWe know there are many fashion brands as well as many great causes around to help the planet and endangered animals – we wanted to bring the two together. A line of trendy and fashionable clothes and jewelry designed around the very animals that are in danger of extinction.

We have so many amazing designs to show off but as a new business we have to go slow so expect to see many more beautiful designs released as well as new partnerships with smaller hard working charities dedicated to preserving nature. Recently we began work with the Hawaiian Monk Seal Foundations trying to bring awareness to the critically endangered Hawaiian Monk seal. We had our artist specially design a Monk Seal shirt which you can see on our website under our Sea Collection

Everything we have right now is online at – EVERY purchase results in a contribution to a selected organization. We focus on one charity a month for all our proceeds but at check out guests can select others if they want at .

We like to say “we are a little place with a big idea” – and that’s why we need everyone’s help!

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    Amazing look , i just love it, you will be perfect to wear some of our most beautiful DIAMONDS , they will look so beautiful on you !

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