Fabulous Monogram crafts with Design Bundles

monogram crafts

I’m sure you’ve spotted monograms wherever you go. On pillows, mugs, accessories, phone cases and clothes. Although you could buy monogrammed accessories at the store as a crafter, you probably prefer to personalize accessories and home decor yourself. It’s a fun way to add personalization to any project and turn it into a design statement. So when you are looking for great monogram crafts, Design Bundles has any type of design you can possibly imagine.

The monogram frames can be used with your Cricut or any other cutting machine. From full initials, single letters, split letters in any style you can imagine. Perfect for home décor, accessories, stationery, party props, and clothes. Design Bundles is a Digital Design Marketplace that offer products such as Templates, Illustrations and Craft Files. This innovative marketplace brings the best independent designers together from all over the world to one place. With free design resources on a weekly base.

When you choose a pack of monogram crafts think about the style you like and color scheme. Do you want to just use letters or other adornments? If you use it for multiple products from big to small make sure it’s a font that’s easy to read. Monograms can come in any shape and style so choose something that fits your personality, interior or project you have in mind.

No matter if you use a traditional, elegant or modern style, with so many options a little guidance can be helpful. Here are a couple of crafting ideas you can use with Design Bundles craft packs to get you started. The Monograms Frames and Letters are compatible with Cricut, Silhouette, SCAL, Scan N Cut and all major design programs.

Party invitation

Your guests will be surprised you printed the invite yourself with monogram details. Choose a craft bundle that fits the theme of the party and fill in the details. Perfect for a birthday or other event where you want to impress your guests with something unique.

Personalized Pillow

You can use an embroidery hoop over your favorite pillow and stitch your way to personalize your pillow. You can live up a pillow by using different fonts or split fonts and use contrasting colors to make it pop. Perfect for the bedroom or in the living room on the couch to leave your mark.

Homemade gifts for friends

You can put your initials on baked gifts or food packaging. Spell out a message or give personalized cookies and little personalized gifts to your friends and family. Show your friends how well you know them, place their initials on food packages and fill them with goodies or sweets.

Elegant Monogram home décor

Use a garden font to turn any home décor into an elegant chic piece. From leather placemats, stitched napkins, embellished furniture or mugs. The garden bundle looks delicate and romantic it is a great way to add a personal touch on any home décor and don’t be afraid to show it on the kitchen shelf or living room.

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