Express Yourself: The Art Of Successful Music Promotion


It’s no secret that the Internet has opened up a wealth of opportunities for music artists! These days, it’s easier than ever to mix tracks and make them available for download. Music production technology has also evolved. For example, people can make tracks using nothing more than an Apple iPad and some basic add-on hardware!

But, when it comes to self-promotion, some up-and-coming artists really struggle to make themselves known in the world. Does that sound like you? If so, don’t worry because it’s simpler than you think to fix that problem.

In today’s blog post, I will share with you some practical steps you can take to promote your music and raise your profile. Here is what you need to know:

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Do some live gigs at music venues

Did you know that many famous artists started out from humble beginnings? Take The Beatles, for example. They built up their fan base by playing at clubs in the UK and Germany from 1960.

If you want people to hear your tunes, you need to take them to venues such as pubs, clubs, and music halls. You might think that the Internet means you don’t actually need to leave your home to create and promote your music. Gorillaz are a perfect example of that fact! But, unless you’re already well-known in music circles, you need to get out into the offline world!

Create an album

So you’ve recorded some songs, and you’ve got enough material to create an album. Why haven’t you done that yet? Believe it or not, the process of creating your first album isn’t as complicated as you may have thought.

First of all, you need to ensure your tracks sound good and you “normalize” the volume on them. It pays to rent out a recording studio for this purpose. Next, you’ll need to create some album art. Again, it’s easy to do that, and you can use a mixtape cover maker for that purpose.

You’ll also need to decide what formats to release your album. CD is an obvious choice, but you should also consider vinyl. There is an upsurge in people buying vinyl records these days, and more artists are catering for such music fans.

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Send some demo albums out

Assuming you are an unsigned artist, you will no doubt want to find a record company to springboard your music career. Get a list of contacts for people in various companies and send them a demo album. If they like what they hear, they’ll want to talk to you about a possible partnership!

Upload some clips on SoundCloud

Going back to your computer, the next thing you can do to promote your music is by uploading some tracks on SoundCloud. The beauty of doing that is people can share your recordings online and comment on them. You’re also more likely to get “seen” by a record company if you have material online available for listening.

Build a website

Last, but not least, any music artist worth their salt needs to have a website! It’s a brilliant promotional vehicle, and you can embed your music within its pages. If you’ve got the cash, get a web design agency to create your site for you.

Thanks for reading today’s blog post!

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