Experts’ Global – The Most Exhaustive Solution for GMAT Prep and MBA Admissions Consulting

Expert’ Global offers the most exhaustive resources for competent GMAT preparation and MBA admissions. Across the world, MBA aspirants favor Experts’ Global’s services for the personalized services and robust products that it offers. Since inception, the firm has helped thousands of students gain admission into their dream B-schools lead by Mr. Mayank Srivastava.

Experts’ Global – The firm with a vision

A premium Ed-Tech firm, Experts’ Global, since its initiation in 2008, has been utilizing the medium of technology to impart education. The firm is led by the vision of transforming the traditional notion of imparting education, by making the information dissemination process more effective and efficient. GMAT Online Preparation Program, 15 GMAT Practice Tests with Video Explanations, MBA Admissions Consulting, and GMAT Classroom Program in Noida are some of the crucial products and services that are offered by the firm. Over the decade, thousands of students, representing over 50 nationalities, have enrolled with the firm to fulfill their career aspirations, and with expert admissions consulting, the firm has helped the students secure admit into each of the top-150 global MBA programs. The firm caters to a vast percentage of Indian MBA aspirants and every 10th Indian studying in the US top 50 B-schools happens to be an Experts’ Global alumni!

Prepare for GMAT Online

The complete resource for GMAT online preparation that Experts’ Global provides to its students consists of a series of conceptual videos numbering in excess of 300, an exhaustive series of practice tests on an identical GMAT-like interface numbering in excess of 4000, and 15 full-length tests with video explanations. Indeed, this online GMAT prep program is the most advanced prep program ever created for this standardized test. The training schedule commences with the student watching a short video on one specific GMAT concept. The student then solves a short exercise that is based on the same concept. The well-designed software, next, equips the student with minute understanding of the questions by extending both video and textual explanations of the exercise. The student is also allowed the scope to either retake the entire exercise or solve only the incorrect attempts. The student, thus, is enabled to learn through a meticulous and thorough process. The analytics, further, help the students assess their weaknesses and a range of innovative features enhances the overall learning experience. The AI-enabled software also uses user-behavior analysis to not only identify individual learning needs but also to suggest relevant study plans.

Practice with the Exhaustive GMAT Test Series

Experts’ Global GMAT practice test series, with 15 full-length tests, is unarguably the most exhaustive test series for GMAT mock tests. The fact that these tests have been built on truly GMAT-like interface further adds to the distinguishing factor of this test series. Careful attention has been paid into ensuring that the students duly understand the concept and the application of the same while solving the questions. Thus, each question is complimented with in-depth video and textual explanations. The interactive software helps the students understand their learning needs and a range of smart features make the learning process fun! Across the world, several hundreds of students have affirmed a close relativity between their mock scores and real GMAT scores!

Attend Live Classroom Training for GMAT

Mr. Mayank Srivastava’s dedicated passion to cater to the purpose of education has inspired him to conduct classroom training for GMAT. These classes are held in the business center of a premium hotel in Noida, and only a maximum of two batches per year, with only 12-15 students per batch, are accepted to the classes. The students attending the classroom sessions also enjoy access to the online GMAT preparation program that consists of over 300 conceptual videos, 4000 practice questions on a GMAT-like interface, 15 full-length tests with video explanations, and some really insightful analytics and diagnostics.

Reach out for Guidance in MBA Admissions Process

Experts’ Global operates on the philosophy of tending maximum attention to each student. Thus, the firm has devised a boutique system of consultation for MBA admissions that enables the application mentors to work with a limited number of students each year. The firm’s admissions team follows the end-to-end consulting process, whereby, short-listing school, writing essay, preparing recommendation and resume, training for MBA admission interviews, and solving every other subjective admission related queries are duly attended to by the mentors. It is this comprehensive approach to MBA admissions consulting that has helped the firm become a favorite with the MBA aspirants. With such expert guidance, the admissions team has helped every student gain an admission into the prominent 150 global programs. The firm has earned particular expertise in securing significant scholarships to the students; since 2010, the firm has secured scholarships worth 10 Million dollars to its students, every year.

Securing Admit to the Prominent Indian B-school – ISB

Experts’ Global admissions team, besides being well-acquainted with the admissions process of the prominent global management programs, owns particular mastery of the admission process to ISB. Several Indian students, every year, target the ISB management programs and the Experts’ Global team can aptly analyze the relevance of the candidate’s profile to the school’s offerings as well as the school’s offerings to the candidate. The firm’s success in having secured ISB admits to its aspirants is conveyed by the following statistics – every year, almost 90 percent of Experts’ Global’s ISB applicants receive interview calls and roughly 40% of the candidates end up with a final admit from ISB.

Preparing for MBA Interviews

MBA aspirants most often desire sound guidance to be able to ace the MBA interview process. Experts’ Global, aware of the significance of this step in the application process, has devised a thorough interview training regime for the students. In the first stage of this training program, the student watches a set of 15 instructional videos on MBA interview preparation. In the second stage, the student answers a questionnaire of frequently asked MBA interview questions. In the third and the final stage, the interview mentor of the firm, richly experienced in the domain, conducts the first mock interview session. Following the mock, the interview mentor provides feedback on the student’s performance, including the style, etiquette, content etc. The student is expected to incorporate this feedback and practice before seeking the second round of mock interview session.

Android and iOS Applications

The firm, in accordance to its belief in leveraging upon technology tools to impart education, has developed the most composite mobile phone applications for GMAT preparation and MBA admission process. These mobile phone applications comfortably run on both Android and iOS devices, thus extending the flexibility of time and place of learning to the user. Further, built-in smart features also advances a rich learning experience to the students.

YouTube Channel with 3000+ Free Educational Videos

Experts’ Global is probably the only Ed-Tech firm with a dedicated YouTube channel that has already streamed over 3000 free educational videos for GMAT preparation and MBA applications. These videos are widely favored by the students for their short playing time that never exceeds 10 minutes, and the crispness of imparting information. Further, these videos discuss only one specific concept at one time that prevents the risk of overwhelming the student with excessive information.

Free Resources to Enrich the Learning Experience

Experts’ Global, a thought leader in GMAT preparation and MBA admissions consulting domain, have invested serious time and effort in developing resources to aid the MBA aspirants attain their dream career roles. These resources, significantly, help to discover few common myths, thereby equipping the students with sound information on GMAT prep and MBA admissions process. A set of instructional videos on GMAT preparation, on MBA applications, and on MBA interview preparation are some of the key resources provided by Experts’ Global. Free GMAT practice tests, further, is a helpful resource that helps the students determine their learning needs. Besides, the smart analytics help identify one’s five weakest areas in quant as well as verbal.

CSR Philosophy of the Firm

Experts’ Global is believes in the virtues of extending help to the needy. Thus, since the firm’s initiation, 200 rupees have been donated, from every enrollment, to a fund meant to cater to social services. Besides, the firm has adopted several underprivileged children and tends to their education and upbringing needs.

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