Exciting Ways To Spice Up Home Security


Security is one of the most important necessities in a home, no matter how elegant, comfortable, and luxurious it may be. However, you don’t have to live in the ghetto to hear of a break-in in the neighborhood. Even with home insurance, there are some things you should personally address in order to feel and stay secure in your home, especially after a burglar incidence occurs around your neighborhood.

Doors, locks, windows, and patios, are some of the most common burglar entry points you can concentrate on when or before the need to beef up your home security arises. However, some home security beef up ways can be smarter than others. Below are some exciting ways to spice up home security you should know of.

Update Your Doors with Deadbolt Locks

The entry door and back door are some of the most targeted entry points into homes by burglars. If your exterior doors didn’t come with a high-quality lock, it might be time to update it with one that is hard to pick and break into. This would be a deadbolt lock. For patio doors, consider avoiding doors with glass near the doorknob, since someone can simply smash the glass and let themselves into your home.

Install Curtains and Outdoor Lighting

With brilliant outdoor lighting, a burglar targeting your home can easily be misled to think that there’s someone in the house even with you away. Installing privacy blinds and curtains for the windows can be a smart way to keep intruders guessing about the presence or absence of someone in the house. Outdoor lighting and curtains, therefore, reduce the risk of being targeted by intruders.

Alarm System and Surveillance Cameras 

To spice up and beef up security in your home, you might want to consider installing a security alarm system if you don’t have one. Some of these complete home security system combine an alarm as well as surveillance systems, especially monitored home security. For security alarms, avoid putting stickers that show your home is alarm protected. According to Lisa Montgomery, an author and publishing editor for the Electronic House magazine, you can also consider buying and DYI installing some surveillance cameras to spice up security in your home and give yourself more peace of mind.

Mobile Home Security

Just like it is with conventional site-built homes, mobile homes also face a security threat. As a matter of fact, most mobile homes come with basic door locks and glass doors that might be easier to break into by intruders. To beef up security in your mobile home, you may want to consider upgrading your entry door with a high-security lock such as a deadbolt lock. There are also numerous other mobile home door lock options to choose from, including mortise locks, cylindrical locks, privacy locksets, lever handle locks, keyless electronic locks, and padlocks, among others, depending on your budget, preferences, and type of door.

Source:  https://www.mobilehomelocks.com

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