Excelsis Movie Could Actually Change Everything

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Filmgoers who feel that original movies have become rare these days will quickly turn the other cheek with excitement over a new dynamic and original movie currently in development titled “Excelsis”. “Excelsis” is a new extraordinary Drama Sport feature film by Executive Producer and Director Jaze Bordeaux that highlights women’s Mixed Martial Arts.

In the movie “Excelsis”, Cassady Jones battles through the amateur Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) ranks as a female MMA fighter. Suddenly, Marcus Moretti a nefarious fight promoter offers Cassady a chance to enter a tournament in which the winner is offered a professional contract with Excelsis FC. Meanwhile Cassady’s sister, Scarlett Jones a former Excelsis FC women’s champion becomes suspicious of Marcus’s intentions and quickly uncovers a devious plot that could change the entire MMA sport.

mixed martial artsUnderstanding that her big break is finally at hand Cassady decides to take advantage of the opportunity and embarks on an epic journey towards the professional MMA ranks. However, while Cassady is down for the count she realizes that she’s not just in another fight; she’s in the fight for everything!

How original is “Excelsis”? According to “Excelsis” Producers, “within the past century of motion picture entertainment there has only been one previous movie title in the Drama Sport movie genre that has featured a female lead in a Martial Arts or Mixed Martial Arts movie which is titled ‘The Next Karate Kid’ (1994) starring Hilary Swank”.

By the same token Box Office Mojo reports that the Drama Sport movie genre’s top 100 movies over the past thirty years has grossed over three billion ($3,000,000,000) dollars in theatrical releases alone. These are startling numbers in a genre that has only featured two movie titles with female leads in non-traditional roles such as “Million Dollar Baby” (2004) starring Hilary Swank. Under these circumstances “Excelsis” is currently on pace to becomes the third movie title in this genre to feature women in non-traditional roles and the second female based Martial Arts or Mixed Martial Arts feature film in the genre.

Often, it feels as though the film industry’s only concern is to build upon old movie franchises as an easy way to generate huge profits. For example, just when you think a movie franchise like “Rocky” (1976) starring Sylvester Stallone has run it’s course the film studio will often hit the reset button and make sequels or reboots like “Creed” (2015) starring Sylvester Stallone.

Although this may be true, this mindset has helped to create opportunities for movies like “Excelsis” that can help to satisfy the craving of audiences all over the world  for original content. In fact, with over +10,000 social media followers while in the development stages it has become very obvious that “Excelsis” isn’t just an original movie, the production has turned into a movement to change everything.

With this in mind, “Excelsis” movie Producers seek to turn the entire movie genre upside down by utilizing a female led cast in non-traditional roles, creating a metamorphosis in regards to how movies are produced, shining through the movie genre’s top 100, elevating women in MMA, all while empowering audiences worldwide to become a part of history in the making.

All in all, 123 movies filmgoers are set to go on a wild ride with “Excelsis” as it moves into production this year and by following its progress all the way through to its eventual release. “‘Excelsis’ is a movement where art has imitated life. This early momentum could set up a real life David versus Goliath battle between one movie and an entire movie genre. Actually, ‘Excelsis’ could be one of the greatest stories ever told on and off screen. It’s no longer just another movie; it’s a movement to change everything!” said Jaze Bordeaux, Executive Producer and Director.

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