Examining the Benefits of Metal Roofs

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When you’re considering having someone like this metal roofing minneapolis company add a metal roof to your new home to replace your existing dilapidated roof or for the office building, it’s a good idea to understand what the benefits of this type of roof are. Having an asphalt roof with shingles is one way to go, but this isn’t always the best option. For one, a metal roof is more energy efficient, which saves you money every year. Furthermore, when it comes to protecting your home, investing in a home warranty plan is typically for the best. Put simply, paying towards a home warranty plan is an amazing way to reduce the cost of any repairs or maintenance that need to be carried out inside your home. Whether you live in Utah, Arizona, Indiana, or any other state investing in a home warranty plan from a warranty provider such as First American Home Warranty can provide peace of mind that your property is protected. So, if you are in the process of upgrading your roof, now is also a good time to think about leveling up your home warranty coverage too.

Here are some of the benefits of having a metal roof on your home or office building.

Durability Through Quality

When you have an asphalt-shingle roof put on a home, its expected life is only around 15-25 years and you’re lucky if you get 25 years out of it. The duration is so disappointing that most people who buy a home that’s been previously owned have to purposely ask about the state of the roof, get it inspected, and usually need to budget to replace it within the next few years.

By contrast, the durability of a quality metal roof  is excellent. A well-produced metal product provides half a century of lifespan and sometimes as many as 70+ years. This removes a headache from homeowners and business owners having to replace their delicate asphalt one every decade or so. Learn more about how to pick the right type of metal roof for your home or office building.

Heat Protection

Unlike other types of roofs, metal ones reflect the heat back out. For homes and other structures situated in states that benefit from hot weather many months of the year, there are considerable cost savings to be had by using metal. The air conditioning units will be needed less often and last longer. The need for ceiling fans is reduced and they’ll be used more often than the air-con units. You might even be able to get away with buying fewer air-con units in the property because the average internal temperature won’t warrant the expense and maintenance costs involved.


Roofs are heavier than people think. Roofs have been known to collapse into a property just from the sheer weight of them bearing down overhead. In terms of weight per square foot, a concrete tile is around 900 pounds per square foot. Other types of tiles are lighter at 700-750 pounds per square foot. To put this in perspective, most metal roofs come in at between 50-150 pounds per square foot.

Flexible Installation

Depending on the property, some metal roofs can be installed over the top of an existing roof when this is necessary. This avoids the expense and inconvenience of having to remove the existing roof first – and possibly the need to evacuate the building while this is being done.

Fire Resistant

Metal roofs aren’t vulnerable to fire. These types of roofs have a Class A rating, which means they offer the highest fire-resistant properties. The exception to this rating is when a metal roof is installed above an existing wooden roof (as covered in the earlier point), which then lowers the rating to a C class.

Given the risks of wildfires in certain parts of the country, rest assured that metal roofs are some of the safest. They don’t catch fire.

Wind Resistance

Damage to tile and shingle roofs is not uncommon when winds pick up in a freak storm. Needing to buy replacements and have someone go up on a ladder to install the new tiles is a pain to deal with, along with the rest the cleanup necessary after a strong storm has passed through.

With a metal roof, they’re constructed using sheets of metal that lock together. With this robust structure, winds of up to 130+ miles per hour don’t make so much as a dent in the roof. It stays on and it stays strong. And there’s no need to fix parts of it the next day or pay someone to do so either.

Weather Resistance

Roofs are designed to have water drain off. Some metal roofs have gutters while others do not. Either way, roofs are designed with slopes to let rainwater drain off and snow melt turn to ice water and slide down the roof in due course. Precipitation is no threat to a durable metal roof. For asphalt shingles, the story is not the same.


The environmentally-friendly aspects of using a metal roof aren’t immediately obvious to most people. The fact is that over 30% of the metal is recycled before it’s used to create roofing sheets. In the case of a roof that has provided a cover for many decades and is being retired, this metal is fully recyclable too. For people who care about the environment, the short lifespan of asphalt roofs means that these roofs must be removed every decade or so. Over eight million tons of product waste is generated as a result. Recycled metal is infinitely more eco-friendly than other roofing options.


Many metal roof suppliers offer warranties on their products that last at least as long as the asphalt roof’s total lifespan. This means a metal roof is fully covered up to when another type of roof has already had to be removed and replaced. Quite often, warranties from metal roof suppliers are 20 years because they stand by the durability of their product. They’ve been supplying and fitting these types of materials for years and they know what they will and won’t do for homeowners. Otherwise, they wouldn’t offer such a long warranty or guarantee.

Metal roofs aren’t always the type that you think of first. But they are becoming more popular with homeowners who see offices, warehouses, and other types of building using this type of roof and get curious about the benefits of them. Just in terms of predictable home maintenance expenses over the lifetime of owning the property, switching to a metal covering cuts out a whole lot of headache and expenses down the road. These types of products can also be painted and made to fit in with the overall aesthetic of the building and the neighborhood too.

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