Everything you need to know about custom embroidered patches


If you want to have a patch or emblem made for you, your sports club or company, you will have to make a number of choices. For example, you have to choose between the wide range of production methods and you may have to sew custom embroidered patches s on your clothing. Then it is nice to get some tips and a little explanation for this. In this blog we help you on your way! You can order order quality personalised patches online.


What is a patch or emblem?
A patch or badge is usually made of fabric and can be sewn onto an item of clothing. A custom embroidered patch often shows the name of an organization together with the company logo. The designs for emblems are often simple and appeal to the imagination with bright colors and striking images. Consider, for example, the logo of Coca-Cola. Supermarkets also like to use bright company logos that appear as a patch or emblem on the clothing of the company.emblem

How do you sew patches on your clothes?
It is obvious that an emblem appeals to the imagination, and that is almost impossible, because a lot of effort is put into communicating a simple message with simple designs. An emblem or patch must be placed on a visible spot on your accessories or clothing, otherwise your message won’t come across properly.

How are patches and emblems made?
Patches and emblems are made with various production techniques, such as casting PVC where a mold is made. They are also woven. There are also combi badges that are produced using multiple techniques such as embroidery and sublimation.

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