Everything You Need to Consider in Custom Perfume Packaging

With a wider variety of perfumes updating, the competition among perfume market is heating up day by up, the design of perfume packaging itself plays a more and more important role in perfume selling. Given richer choices than before, customers are easier to be affected by perfume bottles design when selecting perfume. That’s why the simple glass perfume bottles make great sense to perfume selling. Here are four principles for you when you consider custom perfume packaging.


1. Performing the brand characteristics

Since the yearning for high-end life prompts people to constantly switch to a better perfume to match their social class, the scents business is a never-ending struggle. Instead of chasing the trend wildly, the brands companies might as well steer their attention to perfume packaging. A custom perfume bottle is more than just the bottle simply printing brand logo, it is a total exclusive and professional packaging solution that reflects exquisite design of the perfumes, it is a kind of symbol of the brand, once the customers see the bottle, they will link the image with the brand.

2. Showing the temperament of the perfume

A growing number of customers are concerned more about the value and lifestyle conveyed by the perfume than the product itself. Thus, it’s significant to make the packaging match the impression of the perfume so that customers can find what they really want. The implicit information on perfume packaging can effectively guide consumers and give them psychological hints. A flower bottle for a flowery scent, a square brief bottle for a male scent, or even a dark deep shade of box for a seductive scent. Among all the tagging packaging, a custom perfume packaging can distinguish itself from others with its special design corresponding to the features of the perfume and makes it stand out of the others.

3. Eye-catching custom perfume bottles / Catching consumer’s eye in the first sight

Only after the consumer is drawn by the appearance, he or she will come closer to touch it, to feel it and buy it. When it comes to buying a product, the first thing a person looks at is the packaging. For both the buyer and the user, the glass perfume bottle means more than a container but a mood booster. And the delicate bottles can improve perfume wearing experience every time customers use. Based on this consideration, the packaging is going to be the criterion for two similar products and obviously the delectable one will win. A good custom perfume packaging producer can bring out the marketing potential of your product.

4. Choosing a professional packaging manufacturer

It is essential for perfume companies to find a reliable packaging producer. A case in point is Abely, the leading manufacturer in custom perfume packaging for years. Its creative and efficient design team can customize perfume bottles and packing boxes that best display the uniqueness of your brand. Besides of bespoke moulds, Abely offers a wide range of surface decoration finishing, including color coating, screen printing, hot stamping, frosting, polishing, metalizing, cracking, etc. The antique perfume bottles with unique velvet finishing will certainly attract more customers than traditional smooth glass bottles. Besides, brand logos can be engraved on the caps and custom collar made from various materials like Zamac, ABS, Surlyn, and Acrylic. All these ornaments make the whole packaging more coordinated and attractive. With years of experience in one-stop packaging solutions, Abely produces state-of-the-art perfume bottles and maintains long-term cooperation with the top-of-the-line perfumes in the Middle East, Europe and America.

In this day and age when consumers are more likely to be captured by eye-pleasing designs of the perfume, due attention should be paid to the custom perfume packaging. Perfumes need delicate designs to stand out from the fierce competition. To enhance the product marketability, you had better keep in mind the sound advice mentioned above.

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