Essentials For Embracing Hygge In Your Home

Of late, ‘hygge’ seems to be the on-trend buzzword. It is all over social media, especially if you are on Pinterest or Instagram. But if you’ve not really heard about it, let me explain. It is a concept for our homes, originating in Denmark. Pronounced as ‘hoo-ga,’ it is all about creating a cozy home. So think layers and layers of chunky knit throws, as well as cushions and scented candles. So it is perfect for this time of year. Nothing better than staying warm by the fire and snuggling up on the sofa with a blanket to watch some Netflix, right? But we can still take this concept with us in our homes for the rest of the year. Here are some suggestions for creating a cozy home, full of hygge, all year round.


Embrace Seasonal Smells

The essence of a cozy home or hygge is that it embraces the seasons and is all about comfort, safety, warmth, and love. One great way to embrace that is by using scents in your home. It could be scented candles that you choose, incense, or perhaps you prefer to diffuse essential oils. Whatever you choose, make sure that you choose scents that are related to the season. At this time of year, it is still all about cinnamon, festive and earthy tones. In the fall, think about pumpkin spice scents or apple cider. Spring is much more about floral notes, while summer would be more suited to fruity or citrus scents. So think about the right scent for the time of year and just roll with it.

Add Texture

Not only does different dimensions in a room make it look good, but it also makes it much more cozy and inviting. There are so many ways that you can create texture in a room too. You could add plants and climbers like pothos into a room, as well as vases of fresh flowers. Wreaths, shutters, baskets, throws, and cushions will different materials are all great ways to add a bit of texture. You can layer up more in the winter months, but you can still have plenty of texture when the home is a little warmer.


Comforting Furniture

If you want to make sure that you create a cozy atmosphere, then you need some furniture that will enable you to do that. Modern furniture styles can look a little more clinical. When they are made from harder leather or plastic materials. So can look less comforting or inviting. Softer fabrics are better for channeling some hygge vibes, as well as wooden furniture. There is something more cozy about wood in the home than plastic. You could even look for something from The Rocking Chair Company, for example, to give you an extra piece of cozy furniture. A rocking chair or glider is all about comforting and coziness, right?

Have you embraced the hygge trend in your home or are you still not convinced? I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on it.

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