Essential Fashion Trends For Women This Monsoon


Monsoon has set in with all its glory. Though occasional showers are enjoyable, incessant rainfall hinders daily activities to a large extent. But a fashionista knows that by following some tips, she will be able to look her best even if it is pouring outside. Here are some of the points, which will help you to turn heads when you step out this monsoon.



Opt for quick-drying fabrics

The main objective during monsoons is to stay dry. So, picking the right fabrics is of immense importance. Natural fabrics tend to soak up water fast. The same is not valid for artificial or mixed fabrics. Synthetic or polyester, georgette, and sheer material are ideal for stepping out in the rain. If you get wet, these materials will shed water quickly. Thus, these will not take too much time to get dry. But make sure that the material is not too clogging. It must let easy passage for air. The last thing that you want is to sweat in this humid weather.

Wooden accessories are “must haves”

Metal accessories will be damaged if they come in contact with moisture. Does this mean you will not accessorize in the rainy season? If you have a collection of wooden accessories, you will not have to worry about completing your look. Opt for pieces in the natural color to prevent leaching.



Ditch full-length denim trousers

Well-fitted denim looks awesome. But these are not ideal for monsoons. The denims soak up water and become rather heavy. Walking around in wet jeans is terrible for health and does nothing to highlight your fashion sense. Thus, opt for short and semi-fitted denims over full-length ones.

Team-up skirts with shirts

Making a different style statement becomes easy if you master the art of pairing two items seamlessly. Bring out your sleek skirts during the rainy days. Whether you are stepping out of the office or going to meet some friends, skirts and tops will come to your rescue every time. For professional engagements, team up the skirt with tailored shirts. The same dress, when paired up with an off-shoulder lose top, will impart a casual look. You can also wear the skirts with T-shirts to get a boho-chic look.



Jumpsuits and rompers

Jumpsuits are ideal for every season. Monsoon is the perfect time to bring out your polyester jumpsuits. It is better to stick to semi-fitted cropped jumpsuits. Wide-legged jumpsuits are best for summer and spring. Cropped ladies jumpsuits will also help you to look your best if you pair it with right shoes and accessories. If you are in the mood for some “skin-show,” then you can wear rompers. Women of all body types will be able to find a romper that accentuates their curves tastefully.

Add a dash of color

Gloomy sky characterizes monsoon weather. Even if the sun is not shining in its full glory, you can radiate style by wearing bring colors. Yes! Vibrant colors will keep away the monsoon blues. Invest in vibrant shades of red, green, yellow, electric pink and some pastel shades to strike a contract with the weather outside. Apart from colorful dresses, one can also add fanny packs or belts to make the outfit pop. It is the time to experiment with colors. In case you desire to keep your attire subtle, add color by adorning colorful statement accessories.



An excellent collection of rain boots and trench coats

Monsoon fashion guide will not be complete without the mention of rain boots and trench coats. These two items are made of water-proof materials and will safeguard you from rainwater. Shoe manufacturing companies have launched printed as well as colored rain boots. So, you can quickly match your footwear with your garments. To flaunt your monsoon-ready look, you need to pair these boots with trench coats. Matching the color of the trench coat with your ruosh boots will give a uniform look.

Flash umbrellas like pros

Umbrellas are back in fashion. It is not mandatory for you to wear bright dresses to set a contract with the gloomy weather. Bright red, blue, pink, violet or multi-colored umbrellas will assist you to stand apart from the crowd. You can match the umbrella with your attire to tie the entire look together. The popularity of the rainbow umbrella is at an all-time high.



Short and medium dresses with floral prints

This year, floral prints will rule the fashion arena. It is best to lock up your long dresses for the spring. Mid-length or short dresses and skater frocks will keep your fashion quotient up. Both sleeveless and short sleeve dresses are ideal for the rainy days. In case you want to wear solid colored clothing, jazz it up with floral printed short jacket or shrugs. This layering will shield you against cold winds and also make the dress vibrant.

Pay attention to hair and makeup

If you want to look your best during the monsoons, then you have to pay attention to more than just your clothes. Without proper makeup and hairstyle, you will fail to make the desired impact on the onlookers. Appling waterproof makeup is a must while stepping out. Short haircuts are ideal for this season as it allows hair to dry soon. If you are in no mood to chop off your locks, then make sure to tie it up neatly to prevent damage from rainwater.


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