Enlisting Different Types of Patches to Upgrade Fashion 

Different types of patches can be used for any kind of work and on any kind of work. Getting custom patches is a cool way to set one apart from others in terms of clothing customization, and also it adds a kitschy touch to the wardrobe. Not only do these patches upgrade fashion but also serve a functional purpose from military wear to factory uniforms, to even branded accessories. This article covers different types of customized patches that one can have to boost the style statement of an outfit.

  • Name Patches:

The name patches are commonly found in work shirts at factories and chain stores where it is not necessary to wear formal ID cards all the time. These kinds of patches are simple, coming in few colors. As a result, name patches are inexpensive and thus, can be ordered in bulk for the workplace. Simple, streamlined, and functional- name patches are perfect for the non-fussy workplace.

  • Printed Patches:

Although printed patches have a trickier production process, these kinds of custom patches can be used for literally any design. These patches take a blank twill base and the design is printed directly on them through a dying process called sublimation. This process infuses the colors totally into the bases and hence, has the flat surface effect. 

  • Embroidered Patches:

These days, embroidered patches have emerged as the most popular customized patches in the market. And with good reason, embroidered patches are one of the inexpensive yet cool and effective ways to customize and upgrade clothing and an outfit. These patches have a blank twill base and the design or name is embroidered on it using a thread, giving the design a raised feel.

  • Bullion Crests:

Bullion crests are used for more formal affairs. These are a kind of customized patches that are synonymous with haute couture for patches. The patches are higher in quality and also more materials are incorporated: wire, felt, beads, etc. Bullion crests are hand-made and are stitched with a thicker base making them sturdier than other customized patches. Such patches are used formally, from fraternity outwear to military uniforms. 

  • Chenille Patches:

In case one is looking for customized patches with different textures then look no further than chenille patches. Also referred to as letterman patches, chenille patches have a fluffier fuzzy surface due to their two layers. The bottom layer is made up of felt to give the patch a softer texture. 

  • Woven Patches:

Woven patches are similar to embroidered patches in terms of hand-made manufacturing. What sets woven patches different from embroidered patches is that thinner thread is used to achieve greater detail. Now that these don’t have a twill base, the texture of the custom patch is not raised in the end. 


Now that there are different types of custom patches, it can be overwhelming for people who are not familiar with the use of every type. It is advisable to work with a professional designer who specializes in creating high-quality customized patches of all types. 


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