Engagement Ring Trends for 2016/17

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Like other fashion and jewelry trends, engagement ring trends come and they go. If you want to be certain that the ring you pick out for your big proposal will be one that is in vogue, you need to research the latest engagement ring trends for 2016 and 2017. Some of those trends are listed below so that you can steer your decision making in the right direction and get a ring that you and your beloved will absolutely love.

Marquise Diamonds

Marquise diamonds have a timeless beauty to them, so they never really went away. However, this year, they are coming back stronger than before, with more couples opting for this diamond shape over others. It is a unique option that, up to this point, a lot of young women have not been sporting, and modern ring designs are even having fun with the placement of these diamonds because they can sit sideways or on an angle, as well as upright and look just as fantastic either way. If you are tired of the typical square and round cuts, definitely take a look at the marquise when shopping for engagement rings Atlanta.

Rose Gold

Rather than going with the more traditional yellow gold, the bright white gold, or the very expensive platinum engagement ring settings that have been popular over the recent past, why not try something a little different and purchase a rose gold ring instead? Rose gold has been steadily climbing in popularity, and even Apple released their latest iPhone model in rose gold. This color gold has a unique look, thanks to the addition of copper, and it has a vintage appeal that is sure to please any woman who wants to stand out.

Colored Diamonds or Gemstones

Another trend in the world of engagement rings is the use of colorful diamonds, rather than traditional white diamonds. These are sure to stand out and make a statement, particularly against a white gold or a rose gold setting, and they are really beautiful and unique. They are, however, a lot more expensive because of their rarity, so be prepared to pay a premium for a pink or yellow diamond, as a couple of examples.

If you don’t want to invest in expensive colored diamonds, you can instead opt for the more affordable colored gemstones that are on the market. These are just as noteworthy, just as lovely, and just as precious as any colored diamond, and they will look just as perfect in any setting you choose. You can go for a gemstone that features your girlfriend’s favorite color, or you can go for her birthstone to give her a very special ring that she will love.

Even though there are plenty of engagement ring trends that you can use to guide your buying decision, just remember that these trends are temporary, so don’t let them totally dictate your final choice. Instead, keep your girlfriend in mind and choose a ring that she will love, whether she prefers a vintage look or an ultra modern piece of jewelry.

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