Enchantop Offers Hope For Women Hair Loss Suffers

hair extensions

Gorgeous Strandz Enchantop Hair Topper is a hairpiece created to provide coverage for women experiencing hair loss due to stress, female pattern baldness, thyroid disease, PCOS and trichotillomania. Once it is applied it gives the appearance that new hair is growing directly from the scalp. The Enchantop is made of 100% Remy human hair. Each strand of hair is hand ventilated on an extra fine mono-filament base that virtually disappears into the scalp. It can be cut, colored, curled, flat-ironed and styled like natural hair.

“There are several factors that attribute to hair loss which can be a traumatizing experience for women,” says Brenda Waters celebrity hair stylist and president of Gorgeous Strandz. “I’ve had clients with tears in their eyes and completely devastated because of their hair loss. It affects their self confidence because when they lose their hair they feel like they’ve lost their identity. We created this product as an alternative to wearing wigs.”


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