Emma Santorini Winter Jackets

Keep both warm and fashionable this winter, with velvet, gold and a lot of color! The perfect jacket enhances the powerwalk as well as making you comfortable and fashionable in the ski slopes. Fashion student Emma Santorini, blogging for InspirelivingHQ, gives you her tips for every occasion.

For a lot of people, the jacket is in many ways the most important piece of clothing of them all – since it is usually one of the largest investments. But how do you navigate through winter jackets so that they are signaling both style and personality? Let Emma Santorini, fashion blogger, try and piece the puzzle for you!

  • I usually match my black winter jacket with a pair of classic black pants and to contrast it I’m adding something with more detail, usually with some animal pattern. I either go for snakeskin-patterned boots with some heel to give me a lift.

A lot of people perceive a down jacket as dressed down but with the right pair of shoes it creates the perfect every-day outfit for all occasions.

During winter and cold times, a long walk in the crisp air is a favorite for Emma – and she is often choosing comfort as she walks her favorite spots.

  • In a warm and stylistically pure winter jacker I not only feel well dressed, I also stay warm for an entire day. I love jackets and material that breathes, which makes it so much easier entering a store or a coffee shop without sweating too much. I do not usually like drastic temperature differences, why this is the perfect “all-day” jacket for me.

Black in all honor, but if you dare to expand your horizon a jacket in gold would definitely be something of a “statement” jacket.

  • A gold jacket is definitely the perfect jacket for those who wants to make everyday a little bit more fun. Going for a gold-colored jacket will brighten any dark and boring winter day and is the perfect fashion statement!

But how will you combine a gold jacket? Emma reveals her own favorite tips on how you will get your gold jacket to fit in perfectly with the rest of your wardrobe.

  • The golden jacket combines perfectly as a sportier look, preferably for a power-walk. To go with it, pick some comfortable pants, with walk friendly sneakers that would pick up the golden tone from the jacket.

When it comes to skiing, for Emma its all about maximizing amount of time in the slopes and enjoying a lot of tasty food while you do it.

  • First up in the morning and down with the last lift! In-between, I usually enjoy a pleasant pasta lunch and preferably a after-ski located somewhere in the slopes. Some things I rarely miss during my vacations skiing is the first run in the slopes without anyone else have had a chance to go, a fondue lunch and a glass of rosé on top of all the slopes!

When it comes to dressing in the slopes, having a jacket that breathes is as important as having one that keeps you warm. It is very important not to get cold from either getting snow on or inside your jacket and having a material that could handle some sweating. Fashion statements when skiing is not unusual and recommending a jacket with colors that go great with the white snow would be a home-run.

  • If you are looking for the latest trends when skiing, a jumpsuit is for you! Three ski trends that I have observed the last few years are jumpsuits, waist belts and colors – here you can have all-in-one.

Emma Santorini gives you 3 trend tips this winter

During winter, one of the most common problems is how you dress fashionable and warm at the same time. Only because the temperature is falling does not mean we should let go of our trendy ambitions!

  • Of course, it depends on how cold, slippery or stormy it gets – but generally stick to these three tips.

1. Upgrade with accessiories

– Beside finding a warm and trendy winter jacket that speaks for itself, you should not underestimate accessories. A matching scarf, beanie or gloves makes you both warmer but also adds to the style as it makes “something happen” around the jacket and your look.

2.Match with your shoes

– If you want to stay trendy with a down jacket the “right shoes” is what to go for. Putting on boots with some sturdy heel or platue will make you feel more dressed up despite wearing a sporty jacket.

3. Keepin warm with layers

– Last, but not least, is my tip on layer on layer-trends. Having many layers, such as a warm woolen shirt and a big scarf may allow you to keep a lighter jacket than may be necessary in order to keep trendy and use your “normal” jackets.

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