Ellen Hornickova the rising star in the fashion world

Ellen Hornickova is a talented and beautiful fashion model. Her popularity is increasing as she is a rising star in the fashion and media world. Ellen stands out thanks to her captivating eyes, beautiful smile and gorgeous skin. With her will and determination she is able to make a name for herself in the competitive fashion industry. 

The Story behind Ellen Hornickova

At a young age Ellen already had a passion for fashion and used it to express herself. She started her modeling career when she was 15 years old after being scouted by an agency. At 18 years old she’s already putting her mark in the world of fashion and she appeared in major publications for fashion brands and campaigns world wide. 

You will recognise Ellen from covers on prestigious magazines in the fashion world. She is now considered one of the biggest up and coming models in the fashion industry. Besides her modeling work she also runs her own fitness based program. This became a huge success. As a model she knows all the ins and out of staying in shape. She shares her inspiring stories, styling tips and her way to the top! 

Ellen HornickovaEllen HornickovaEllen Hornickova

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