Elevate Wellbeing in the Workplace


All business owners know how important it is to look after their staff. Ensuring that the workforce are healthy and happy is a duty of care, and it can only benefit business if they feel like they’re looked after and appreciated throughout the working day. Productivity needs to be at an optimum, and a positive vibe within the workplace will help to contribute. Investing in a few simple home comforts could help achieve the kind of environment which makes all who work there feel happy and valued.

Here are our top 6 ideas:

Inject some colour!

Nobody wants to work in a dull, bland workspace. By injecting some colour, employees will feel more focussed and alert, as bright colours help to suppress melatonin hormones which are the ones that make us feel sleepy. A good splash of colour will make the workspace appear more vibrant as well as boosting energy! Just one feature wall could be all it takes! Some workplaces are even choosing to display neon signs emblazoned with business logos in order to promote their brand and bring a sense of identity to the working environment

Install a water cooler

Drinking water regularly throughout the day has many benefits. As we know, the recommended consumption is 8 glasses per day, so hydrating the workforce is a must! By investing in a water cooler, workers will have access to clean, fresh water at all times. A hydrated brain is a productive brain!

Keep it clean!

Investing in a regular contract clean will be money well spent as there are many benefits in employing an office cleaner. The premises will be gleaming as well as looking after the health of the staff. As germs and bacteria multiply at an alarming rate, the spread of infection could potentially wipe out a team for days, especially in flu season. Some floor coverings in particular can harbour all kinds of dirt, grime and infection, so regular industrial grade deep cleaning and polishing is a must!


We can all use a little encouragement to eat more healthily, so being offered a healthy snack instead of the usual sugar and fat laden alternatives would be a good start. Picking a piece of fruit in the break room will give as much of an energy boost as cookies or chocolate when we’re feeling a little lethargic, and all the better if it’s courtesy of the company!

Chill out

How many workers sit at their desks and work through lunch? More than we realise. But in order to recharge and refresh, a complete break for 30 minutes is recommended. Wouldn’t it be nice to spend half an hour in a ‘work free zone’ on a comfy chair or lounger, just to clear your head and eat a meal in peace?

Feel Secure

Feeling safe and secure when you’re at work is a right. For shift workers, it may be dark when travelling to and from work which can be unnerving, particularly in secluded parts of the premises. Having CCTV cameras monitoring the workplace can add a layer of security as well as peace of mind for all employees. Not only will it act as a deterrent to most would-be criminals, but it will record any criminal activity should a more persistent offender gain access.

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