ELEMI Re-brand itself to Release Luxury Watches

luxury watch

ELEMI was one of the few to make watches entirely out of ceramic, and was known for its Ceramic Glaze collection. However, ELEMI faded away from the public’s eye and had a few failed releases. A few attempts were made to turn the brand around, but its management team failed due to the sudden increase of competition. ELEMI then turned into a distribution group, which allowed them to re-enter the industry and avoid competition. After a period of time, ELEMI decided to re-brand itself as a luxury watch brand. This, however, created conflicts, which then led to the departure of Fineas Tatar, Co-founder of ELEMI.

Heron Zhao acquired full control of ELEMI, then launched multiple campaign to prepare ELEMI for the consumer’s market. ELEMI, now partnered up with Indiegogo, confirmed its release. The ELEMI 2015 campaign will go live on August 1st, setting a goal of $100,000 in 45 days on Indiegogo. According to Heron Zhao, Fineas Tatar will come back to ELEMI, but as the lead marketer instead of Co-founder.


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