EKOEH Vegan hair color cream


If you nourish your body with healthy, clean foods, why not do the same with your hair?

Nowadays more and more people are becoming increasingly aware of products that can affect their health and there is more demand for natural products, sustainability and animal-friendliness. Not only when it comes to food but also with beauty and hair products.

Natural hair color cream

EKOEH is a natural hair color cream from Brazil. This hair dye contains no harmful chemicals such as parabens or chemical dyes. With normal hair coloring, you often smell a strong odor such as ammonia. Most hair dye that you can buy contains many substances that are less healthy or even aggressive for your hair. If you often dye your hair, you will notice your hair becomes brittle and dry. No matter if you dye your hair regularly because it’s turning grey or you just prefer another color. It makes sense to look carefully at what ingredients your hair dye contains.

Gives your hair a boost

EKOEH contains carefully selected natural ingredients so your hair won’t get damaged. The treatment is up to 90 percent naturally derived with a nutrient-dense Certified Organic botanical complex, protein and Certified Fair Trade shea butter. The ingredients in the hair dye ensure healthier and stronger hair and is non-toxic. It seems that it protects the structure and condition of your hair. In addition to dyeing your hair, it also gives your hair a boost.

Environmental friendly packaging

EKOEH goes beyond what is inside the bottle and wants to rethink hair coloring from the inside out. All product packaging is recycled and is 100 percent recyclable. Gloves used for color applications are biodegradable and bottles are BPA free.

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