EHRs: The Next Big Thing in Healthcare


There is no doubt that technology is changing different parts of our lives on a regular basis. The healthcare industry recently saw a big shift towards electronic recordkeeping, with electronic health records now more common than ever. The use of EHRs is bringing a lot of benefits not only to healthcare service providers, but also to patients.

You can, for example, get better treatments when the doctors and practitioners helping you can access your complete medical history. Healthcare related services can also be delivered quickly and accurately with the help of cloud-stored EHRs and healthcare communications software. To make it even better, the new systems of maintaining EHRs allow hospitals and practices to save on the costs of storing physical documents.

The implementation of EHRs is also easier. Top universities such as Ohio University are preparing MHA online students for the new systems and the standards that come along with them.

Find out more about the matter by reading Implementing Electronic Health Records, an infographic by Ohio University

Ohio University Online

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