Eco Eat!

It can be very hard to find a way to be eco-friendly when every single piece of food we put in our mouths has an environmental impact. Unless of course, we have our own small holding. A vegetable garden, some chickens and maybe even a few sheep. Of course, most of us don’t have the room to house a small farm, and even if we did, the idea of slaughtering our own animals is a little too much for the average family. Pollution caused by farming is going to increase your carbon footprint; however, there are some simple steps you can take which will help the planet.

Starting with the obvious. Instead of using plastic bags to bring your shopping home, purchase the reusable bags. There are over 100 billion plastic bags produced in the USA alone. This matters because most of those aren’t biodegradable. To create that many plastic bags it takes 12 million barrels of oil. So it is also using up our precious natural resources. Around 1 million birds and 100,000 turtles and other sea animals die of starvation each year after ingesting after ingesting discarded plastics and other trash debris. So one small step to stop using plastic bags could have a massive impact on the environment. Next time you head to the supermarket, take your bag for life.

Going local is another great way to reduce the impact on the environment. Whilst we might think we are eco friendly in our homes, adding lots of miles onto our food means we aren’t! Most of us will live near a local farmer who produces vegetables and fruit. We may also have a butcher who gets his meat from a local source. As around and see where you can get yourself some local produce. The chances are it will be organic too which is also great for the environment.


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While farming can have a bigger impact on the environment, due to the methods used, sometimes this can be better for the planet and her ecosystem. For example eating farm-raised salmon takes the pressure off our wild salmon, meaning our natural resources have a chance of growing again. Sustainable fishing is critical otherwise we will soon out fish our wild stocks. By eating a measured amount of farmed fish, but reducing the miles your other meat travels, you will be doing a great job for the environment and will balance out the impact of farming too, so it is worth it.

Another great way to eco eat is to ensure you compost everything you can. If you own a garden then this is simple, you just find a little space in the garden and then take out all the waste that will decompose. It is perfect for your flower beds, or even better, you can use it to start your own vegetable garden. We produce far too much unnecessary waste from our home and due to the way we dispose of things any compost material in our general waste will probably be unsalvageable. If you don’t have a garden, then see what your local environment officials offer. There are usually compost collection services if you look online.

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