ECD Reshapes the Original Defender into a Modern Machine

Like most everything else, Father Time marched past the original Land Rover Defender – and it’s been quite the journey.

Easily one of the most iconic vehicles ever produced, the old school Defender – the classic Defender – was engineered from the ground up to be a rugged, off-road superstar that could go places once thought to be almost off-limits even to mountain goats!

But that was decades ago and those pioneering innovations developed by Land Rover now look sort of quaint and outdated by modern standards.

Even some “mall crawler” Jeep Wranglers fresh off of the assembly line have similar capabilities to what the classic Defender brought to the table.

Thankfully, though, the folks at ECD Automotive Design of breathing new life into this legendary classic, transforming it into a decidedly modern machine without losing any of that Defender DNA along the way.

The Old School Off Road King Totally Overhauled

ECD started with a simple dream of finding ways to refinish and refurbish old-school Defenders that were rusting out and dying off after Land Rover canceled this vehicle line completely.

After bringing some real rust buckets back to life, though, the ECD folks realized they could take things even further – overhauling and improving on the classic Land Rover engineering without losing the distinct essence and style of this vehicle along the way.

The end result has been custom Defender after custom Defender that look a lot like classic collectibles merged with modern materials and engineering to create something really unique and something really special.

Filled Tip to Tail with Creature Comforts, Too

Of course, the ECD Defenders have made some serious upgrades in the “creature comfort” area compared to the original Defender run, too.

We are talking about gorgeously appointed cabins, incredibly comfortable chairs all around, advanced computer and analytic, amazing navigation options, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

The original Defender was very much stripped down and bare-bones compared to these ECD versions, modern machines that recognize most of them are going to spend more time on the pavement than they ever do off-road – but that drivers and passengers will be comfortable and capable no matter where these wheels take them.

ECD Does Defenders Better Than Anyone Else (Including Land Rover!)

At the end of the day, the most exciting thing about the vehicles that roll out of the ECD shop is that the impossible has become possible:

These enterprising, innovative, and creative experts have found a way to actually improve upon the original Defender, not dragging it into the present but actually pushing it into the future, too.

Make no mistake about it, the folks at ECD are putting out a better modern Defender than even Land Rover right now!

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