Easy Secrets To Combating Your Weed Tolerance Effectively

Whether you smoke weed for medicinal or recreational purposes, you will gradually realize that the effect gets subtle over time. Simply speaking, you don’t seem to get high as you did before. This happens when you develop a weed tolerance due to prolonged use. Although this may sound stressful, you need not worry because you can develop a tolerance for anything by having enough of it. Fortunately, there are some simple measures you can take to beat it and keep enjoying bulk weed Canada as you always did. Let us bare these simple secrets for you.

Rotate your strains

Amazingly, different strains of weed promote tolerance at different levels. For example, indica and sativa have different effects and different tolerance rates as well. So something as simple as rotating the strains can help because you may have developed a tolerance to a particular strain rather than the substance in general. Stock up on a variety of strains and keep switching them, so that you don’t get used to just one variant. It also gives you a chance to explore and find ones that work for you.

Take a tolerance break

Tough as it may sound, taking a tolerance break can be a good idea to reset and get a better experience once you start using weed again. There is no one-size-fits-all formula when it comes to the duration of the break. You can stay clear as long as you want to, some may find a week to be sufficient for a reset while others may need a full month off. It is just about listening to your body, but make sure that you don’t rush up things.

Switch to a stronger strain

If you are uncomfortable with the idea of taking a hiatus or even cutting down your intake, switching to a stronger strain may work. For example, you may consider using jungle cake strain that is a heavy hitter with a high THC content. It is good to research the THC levels in different strains and move to one that is higher when you experience the signs of tolerance. However, it always makes sense to do it judiciously and stay within the recommended limits. 

Try a new method of consumption

Changing up your method of consumption can also resolve the problem to a considerable extent if you don’t want to move to a stronger variant. When you smoke, THC and CBD are absorbed through your lungs. With edibles, however, absorption rates are much slower. The effect comes in time but lasts for longer. Moving from smoking to edibles may help if you are looking for effects that stay. Additionally, you get the advantage of a whole new experience.

If you are a regular weed lover, developing a tolerance would be your worst nightmare. But it is easy to deal with, provided that you take a positive approach and follow the right measures. Consider it as an opportunity to try and enjoy new strains and consumption methods and you will probably be able to feel less stressed about it.

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