Easy bra! A bra without closures!

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Whenever you wear a dress with a deep neckline and an open back you can’t wear a bra. Because there are no bra’s without a front closure. That’s how I discovered the Easy Bra! you should check it out. Many of us find this idea very useful, because not everyone has the  money for a plastic surgery. But who needs them anymore? With this bra you will look your best without any effort and it’s very easy to use and comfortable!!


The structure is made of stainless steel and adapted to every curve of your body! Bra can be filled for those who have small breasts and no filled for those who just want to emphasize the shape of the breasts! The internal coating consists of a thin layer of silicone that will support your breasts! As you can see it’s pretty simple! And you will be gorgeous in any attire!

Support this campain on Indiegogo: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/easy-bra


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