Easy And Fun Ways To Feel Closer To Your Partner

The everyday chaos may not let you appreciate the time you spend with your partner. Eventually, making you feel a little distant from the love of your life.

Fortunately, there are little things that you can fit into your everyday routine and feel a little closer to your partner.

Keep reading to know what these things are…

Take An Interest In Things You Like Together

No, this is not the usual TV-Series trope that you would come across. We are not talking about pretending to like what your other significant half loves (sports for men and shopping for women). Instead, it’s about things that you both are passionate about.

It could be anything from an adventurous sport to culinary arts that you both can enjoy together. In fact, studies show that asking partners about things they are passionate about, being as neutral as possible actually makes people feel closer.

Practice A Workout Session Together

Well, we’re not here to tell you the importance of working out. This isn’t a Yoga class. We’re trying to say to you that you can practice it together whenever you indulge in workout sessions.

The benefit? Well, to put it simply, you and your partner can encourage each other to push the limits. As healthy and uplifting as it sounds, it is also one of the most indulging ways to get involved with your partner in an act (of course, apart from the bed activities).

Try New Things In Bed

You need to be open about your sexual fantasies with your partner. It’s actually a no-brainer – fulfilling each other’s sexual desires is indeed a bond-booster.

Who knows, maybe your partner would like to have a roleplay session with you. Or maybe, they may want you to try the kivin method in bed. You don’t necessarily have to be all up-front open with them. If you’re the shy type, or your partner is, you can simply write your desires on a piece of paper and pass it to each other.

Share Your Daily Highs And Lows

Research suggests couples who communicate their highs and lows are more likely to survive through a healthier and longer-lasting relationship.

Instead of scrolling through your Instagram feed or watching a movie on Netflix after work, try to make time for each other. This should help you get to know each other better and evolve your relationship along.

Go Out For Nature Gazing

Whether you prefer morning walks or evening jogs, try going out with your partner. Get out of the monotony to bring in some fresh perspective into your relationship.

Perhaps, nature gazing could be self-realizing. Maybe, you can discuss things over – like your future plans or your dreams and desires.

Make Playlists For Each Other

Though cliche, this trick still works. Reports suggest that the human brain triggers dopamine secretion when listening to songs. If you didn’t know, dopamine is the hormone related to pleasurable feelings.

Perhaps, gifting a curated playlist to your partner can emulate feelings of pleasure and affection.

Though it could be challenging to maintain your composure at times, perseverance is the key to a healthy relationship.

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