Eastern European Fashion on the Rise – “Brand Supports Brand” Polish Fashion Show Coverage by Dom Kepska

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For the past 2 decades Poland has become a European growth engine not only on the economy front. It has also brought an exciting wave of talented creatives and fashion designers.

Let’s have a closer look at a very unique fashion show that took place in Gdynia, Poland, last Saturday.

Breaking into the fashion industry is extremely difficult, especially if you’re young and inexperienced. It can take years to develop a portfolio and save up enough money to start your own line, and even longer before anyone notices it. There’s no age limit for becoming a successful fashion designer, but you do need to possess technical skills, design knowledge and be able to showcase an individual style.

“Brand Supports Brand” project is all about promoting talented young designers that bring fresh energy. It aims at helping them to showcase their portfolio to local and international customers.  The initiator of the event is Anna Szubert.

Over 150 guests including designers, business representatives, photographers and bloggers gathered during the 4th edition of the show in City of Gdynia Museum.

The first part of the event was dedicated to young designers: Daria Grabowska and Anna Maria Zygmunt presented their collections respectively. The first one was filled with loads of bold patterns and magical, theatrical colours and elements. The second collection incorporated linen, hand embroidery, red colours – all resulting in truly feminine summer garments.

Right after a very warm welcome from hosts, more shows followed. Although this time runway was filled with collections created by more experienced designers such as: Furelle in collaboration with Lallu Chic. Gorgeous items, where classics meet vivid statement colours, ideal for confident women; Pilat. A fascinating collection and certainly one of the biggest surprises of the evening. Fresh ideas combined with simplicity and elegance that modern women expect and value. ; Hojnatzka. After seeing her collection of elegant designs dominated by black and white colours, with a bit of a twist and a dose of futuristic elements, I couldn’t hide my enthusiasm. ; by Cabo; Absolutely stunning floral summer dresses perfect for women of all age. Light yet flattering designs, making it an ideal outfit for warm days and nights out. ; Natasha Pavluchenko with her Neo Couture Collection. Brave, unique garments including stunning evening dresses for those who are not afraid to make a fashion statement.

I am thrilled to see young and full of ideas newcomers have made their mark on the fashion world with labels launched right out of fashion school and I am certainly in favour of more initiatives like these, providing young artists with a life-time opportunity.

If you want to find out more about the event, feel free to visit http://personalbrandingpolska.pl/category/marka-wspiera-marke/

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