The Easiest Tips to Get Rid of Dark Circles

dark circles

Busy working women have to deal with so much stress that it’s no wonder their beauty routines are taking a back seat to taking the kids to school, meeting tight deadlines at work, cooking, and God forbid, having a friend or two to have coffee with. Speaking of coffee, you might want to start ordering caffeine-free tea or water, the healthiest and purest of drinks, if you’re on a mission to combat dark circles around the eyes. Whether you’re a busy mom or a single gal navigating the world of travel dating, heavy metal dating, HIV dating or any other niche in which you’re searching for Mr. Right and want to look less tired, we’ve got you covered. Today, we’d like to give that neglected beauty routine of yours a little boost by offering the simplest possible tips to be implemented at home to get rid of or at least reduce dark circles under your eyes.

#1: Cold Washcloth

A cold washcloth will stimulate blood flow and reduce the appearance of dark circles naturally. Moisten a washcloth with cold water, and cover your eyes with it. Leave it in place for at least 10 minutes and run it through cold water every 2 or 3 minutes to keep its temperature down. Repeat three times a week to give your eyes the relief they need. This routine doesn’t take more than 12 or 13 minutes in total, and you can do it at night before you go to bed.

#2:  Watch What You Eat or Drink

Eliminating certain foods and drinks from your diet will do wonders for your skin and hair, including the problem eye area. The biggest enemies to your overall beauty routine are alcohol and coffee or any drinks loaded with caffeine, so it would be best to eliminate them altogether or at least reduce consumption to a minimum. Not only will your skin restore its youthful glow, but you’ll stay healthy for longer, and have numerous other benefits, such as a more stable mood to get you through the day.

#3:  Eliminate Common Allergens

Eliminating common allergens is quite challenging, but you can at least try and stay clear of them as much as possible. Allergies cause or enhance dark circles under the eyes, and getting rid of dust, and pet dander, and avoiding pollen can help you look fresher and younger instead of puffy and with skin discoloration. If there are any foods you can’t quite tolerate, such as milk or wheat, look for vegan or gluten-free substitutes, and wave dark circles goodbye for good.

#4: Reduce Sun Exposure

As lovely as tanning makes us feel after a long and dreadful winter, and despite the fact that there are numerous health benefits to moderate sun exposure, prolonged exposure dries out the skin and increases the appearance of dark circles we want to get rid of so badly. Wear sunglasses and sunscreen or simply stay out of the sun. If the latter is not an option, always protect your skin and enjoy the sun responsibly.

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