Earning Your Wings: Taking the Next Step from Amateur Enthusiast with your Drone

Every beginner is excited enough to take the next step. But, are you actually ready? Drones are expensive so you don’t want a hasty decision to cost you money in damaged parts. Here’s how to know if you’re ready to take the next step and get a new drone that matches your advancing skills.

Speed Kills

How do you handle speed? Bumping into a few leaves and harmless obstacles moving at slow speeds is not as hazardous as going 50 miles per hour. Advanced drones offer more speed and sensitive controls for incredible performance. One does, however, need to know how to handle the speed and controls to take full advantage. If you’re nervous about going faster or have had a number of mishaps due to handling, you’re not ready.

Advanced Options

Drone enthusiasts are no strangers to cutting-edge technology. For example, some models are fitted with gesture control so a flier can dictate flight and landing by waving their hands. Other advanced options, like first-person and automated flying, is often associated with experienced fliers and second or third drone purchases.

Ready for Outdoors

Some younger children or inexperienced fliers get small, indoor models. After, an indoor flier may want to take to the skies outside. An outdoor-ready flier should be comfortable handling a drone around crowds and can obey related laws. Perhaps it’s best to first fly with an experienced outdoor flier or see if camps or demonstrations are hosted in your area.

Commercial Potential

Some make more money than they spend on the hobby, creating videos and taking still shots for clients. A more advanced and camera ready drone offers money earning potential for freelance videographers and photographers. Of course, a novice drone has limited capabilities and a beginner flier has less to offer clients in the form of shots to use for commercial purposes.

Weather Elements

A drone’s size, parts, battery life, and motor dictates how it handles heavy winds and weather elements. It’s also a good indicator as to whether you’re ready for an upgrade. Be sure you can handle an advanced model in inclimate conditions, for damage to a better drone means a costlier repair bill. Find the best drones for sale by consulting trusted reviews.

Better Sensitivity

An advanced drone has sensitive controls and can turn on a dime. It’s exhilarating for those who can handle the sensitivity and very frustrating for those who make a hasty decision and are not yet ready. How good are you at maintaining a steady flight and avoiding obstacles? Realize an advanced drone with greater speed and sensitivity warrants experienced reflexes that beginner fliers lack.

First-Person Flying

You’ve probably seen the acronym FPV which refers to first-person flying. The navigator sees via a fixed camera. So, versus controlling by looking at a drone in the sky, the flier navigates through their screen. It requires practice and one who has a high number of flying hours under their belt.

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